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Mareeta's Sword
Mareeta's Sword (FE5 Artwork)
Official artwork of Mareeta's Sword.
First SeenFire Emblem: Thracia 776
Weapon TypeSword
Most common RankFE5 Star

Mareeta's Sword (マリータの剣 Marita no ken) is a Sword from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. As its name suggests, this sword is bound solely to Mareeta, and boasts a variety of strengths, that which encompass an impressive Durability, fairly potent Might and even a substantial Critical Rate.


The powers possessed by this sword could possibly be attributed the fact that it is, during the events of Thracia 776, once tainted with fell arcane energies of the highest order, in turn imbuing it with a nefarious potency that confers upon its wielder strength that is akin to that of a demon's. To this end, the sword is once referred to as the Darkness Sword in Chapter 5, where it is forcefully thrust into Mareeta's hands by Raydrik upon her capture in Fiana. The miasmic energies contained within the sword then proceed to respond to her touch by seizing control over her body, in turn giving Raydrik, the contriver of said energies, full reign over her actions, ultimately forcing her to turn her blade against Eyvel in Manster. The sword is later purged of its curse by Saias while he, acting on Galzus' request, keeps vigil over an ailing Mareeta after rescuing her with the aid of a Warp spell. The sword is thereafter returned to Mareeta, where, in spite of her initial fervent refusal to wear the blade that has compelled her to act against her mother, she later relents, upon being convinced that embracing the blade will aid her in her path towards carving out a name for herself as an esteemed swordfighter.

Weapon StatsEdit

Name Type Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng Wt WEx Worth Effect(s)
FE5mareeta'ssword Mareeta's Sword FE5 Sword Icon Sword FE5 Star* 60 11 70% 20 1 6 1 - Allows its wielder to perform two consecutive hits; Bestows the Awareness skill on her.

*Preference = Mareeta

Item LocationEdit

Method Location
Inventory Mareeta

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