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“May the blessings of Duma...”
—Mara's defeat quote

Marla (マーラ Māra, fan translated as Mara) is a boss character from Fire Emblem Gaiden. She is the daughter of Juda and the sister of Sonya and Heste. She guarded the Fear Mountain for Nuibaba in Chapter 4, but was defeated by Alm. She later reappeared alongside Judah and Heste in an attempt to aid their master Duma in Chapter 5, but was killed in battle. It is later revealed in Sonya's ending that Juda intended to sacrifice Marla and Heste to Duma.

When she is battled at the Fear Mountain, she will summon more Witches to help her, so it is recommended to defeat her as quickly as possible, unless if the player wants to abuse this, as Witches give a lot of experience.



Starting Class
Witch FE2 Map IconWitch
Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov
8 31 13 15 11 0 7 4 4
Magic Starting Items




Marla is a feminine name that is short for Marlene, which is a blend of the names Maria and Magdalene.

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