Prince Albein. I am the captain of the emperor's personal guards, General Massena. The defeated soldiers who heard everything from his late Majesty have gathered in wait for you.”
—Massena talking to Alm

Massena is a general from Rigel in Fire Emblem Gaiden and captain of King Rudolf's personal guard.


Massena is the captain of Emperor Rudolf's personal guard and had been in his service for years. Prior to the Deliverance's assault on Rigel Castle, Rudolf informed Massena of his 17 year plan including the plan for Rudolf's own son, Alm to kill him. Under Rudolf's final order to him, Massena and the rest of the Rigelian army peacefully surrender after the fall of their emperor.

Inside Rigel Castle, Massenna greets Prince Alm and confirms his heritage alongside Mycen. In additional to final order to surrender, Rudolf instructed Massena to lead Alm to the deepest floor of the Castle to an underground entrance to Duma Tower.



Massena originates from a French Revolutionary under Napoleon named André Masséna.


  • In Gaiden, Massena shared his portrait with several other bosses, but in Echoes, he was given a beard and made bald.
  • In his appearance in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Massena bears a small resemblance to Cervantes from Awakening as both are bald, bearded men wearing red armor.
    • This was perhaps done to make him a counterpart to Rudolf in the same way Cervantes is to Walhart.
  • While not encountered in battle, Massena's portrait in the remake bears shoulderpads resembling the shoulderpads used by the Gold Knight class in the game.

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