The Master Crown (マスタークラウン Masutā kuraun) is a promotional item that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, permitting second-tier beorc units Level 10 and above to promote into the third tier of their respective class lines.

It is notable that beorc units will obtain their unique Occult skills upon promotion to the third tier, and using a Master Crown is the only way to promote to the third tier in the Japanese version; therefore only a limited number of beorc units can obtain Occult skills. For this reason, Occult scrolls in Path of Radiance are not found in Radiant Dawn.

In the localised versions of Radiant Dawn, second tier beorc units can change class by reaching level 21, thus nullifying the limitation imposed on the number of third tier usable beorc (and their occult skill) units.

Item InformationEdit

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
FE10mastercrown Master Crown 1 - Promotes Level 10+ second tier beorc units (excluding Ike, Sothe, Micaiah and Mist).

Item LocationsEdit

Method Location
Visit Part 3: Ch. 3 - Tent
Treasure Part 3: Ch. 5 - Hidden in the corresponding map.*
Part 4: Prologue - Hidden in the corresponding map.*
Base Conversations Part 3:
Ch. 6 - View the base conversation titled "Sothe".
Ch. 9 - View the base conversation titled "Elincia".
Ch. 11 - View the base conversation titled "Sanaki".
Ch. 12 - View the base conversation titled "Pelleas".

*Japanese version only.

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