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Mercenary Squad is Chapter 6x of Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. This chapter is reached if the player beats Chapter 6 in 20 turns or less on Normal Mode (each higher difficulty progressively adds 4 more turns to this limit). Alternatively, the player has to have Rickard recruited and alive in order to access this side Chapter.


To recruit Caesar and Radd, you have to clear the chapter without killing them. Beware that they are aggressive, and will attack your units.

Initial Enemies Edit

2 Fighters Lv. 5 w/ Steel Axe and Vulnerary

2 Fighters Lv. 5 w/ Steel Axe

1 Knight Lv. 5 w/ Steel Lance and Vulnerary

2 Fighters Lv. 5 w/ Hand Axe

2 Archer Lv. 5 w/ Steel Bow

Caesar: Mercenary Lv. 7 w/ Steel Sword

Radd: Myrmidon Lv. 5 w/ Steel Sword

Boss: Legion: Berserker Lv. 1 w/ Hand Axe

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The Nest of Vice
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