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Mercy (慈悲 Jihi) is a skill that appears in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, and can only be assigned to Elincia, reflective of her benevolent nature. Any strike that will have otherwise killed an enemy unit will leave the unit with only 1 HP, with subsequent hits being dodged. This skill may be removed, giving Elincia the chance to receive proper training.

As the Mercy skill causes its user to leave an enemy unit alive, it is thus considered to be extremely unhelpful, especially if that enemy unit proceeds to kill off any one of the player's units. However, this skill may be useful for weakening enemies, benefitting other characters who are in dire need of EXP, such as Pelleas.

As this skill is nothing but a hindrance in the Tower of Guidance, it is thus advisable to remove it from Elincia, if she is selected to enter the tower.

The single benefit of this trait is in the event a player wishes to train another unit against units he or she would never stand a chance against. By coupling Elincia's double striking Amiti with her Mercy skill, a player can reduce enemy units to 1 HP to be easily finished off by another lower experience unit.


Name Activation Capacity
MercyMercy 100% 10
Effects Fatal attacks inflicted will reduce the enemy's HP to 1, with the enemy dodging any subsequent attacks.
Notes May only be equipped by Elincia.

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