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“What's taking so long!? All troops, charge! We must get rid of the bandits no matter what!”

Merlock is a dragon knight of Thracia under Travant. When Travant declared that Leif's troops are bandits, Merlock complied with the order and went after Leif. As things soon started to get out of hand for the Thracians, Merlock decides to take action and fight Leif. Despite the odds against long weapons, Leif kills Merlock in a bloody fight.


Starting Class
Dragon Knight
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Bld Mov LS MS PC
6 42 16 3 14 14 10 14 16 9 1 0 1
Skill(s) Weapon Starting Items
- FE5 Sword Icon Sword - A
FE5 Lance Icon Lance - B
FE5killerlanceKiller Lance

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