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Might (威力 Iryoku, abbreviated Mt) is arguably the most important statistic a weapon can have. The strength of an attack is calculated by adding the might of a weapon to the combatant's Strength, if fighting with physical weapons, or Magic, if fighting with spells. As such, a higher Might for a weapon is good except for when you do not want to kill an opponent (especially when you wish to recruit them). Weapons with higher Might like Steel Weapons are more difficult to wield and have lower hit. Slim weapons have lower Might but have higher hit and are very light. Very few weapons have 0 Might, but the most (in)famous is the Dark magic tome, Luna. Its Damage is ALWAYS equal to the user Attack (not Magic, because that can be increased by Supports or the Trinity of Magic). The tome Eclipse has no Might either, it reduces the enemies HP by half in The Blazing Blade and The Sacred Stones or to 1 in The Binding Blade.

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