The Mila Tree

The Mila Tree is a location in Fire Emblem Awakening. It is located on the Continent of Valm and is named for Mila, the Earth Mother. Tiki lives in the shrine at the top of the tree and placed the Azure gem of the Fire Emblem here for safe keeping.



According to Celica, the resting place of divine dragons cause sacred trees to grow. These trees live for hundreds or even thousands of years. It is believed that the Mila Tree is such a tree that grew over 2000 years on top of the grave of Mila. Overtime, the tree was considered sacred by those who followed Mila's teachings and became a place of worship and a refuge to those who could not defend themselves.


After Grima had been sealed away by the First Exalt, a few nations safeguarded pieces of the Emblem. While the Fire Emblem and the Argent were left in Ylisse along with the Falchion, the rest of the gemstones were divided between the other nations, while Sable was stolen by the Plegian Grimleal .

The Azure was kept by Tiki, who then took residence in the shrine atop the Mila Tree and became worshiped by the people as "The Voice of Naga". She would then fall into a deep slumber that lasted for another millennium.

After rescuing Say'ri at Valm Harbor, she brings Chrom and the Shepherds to the Mila Tree to meet Tiki. There, one of Walhart's generals, Cervantes, is waiting. After defeating his force, Chrom and his forces are brought to the top of the tree and meet Tiki, who gives Chrom the Azure gem for the Fire Emblem.


This map appears during the Hidden Truths DLC where a mysterious hooded man meets Owain, Inigo, and Severa. After watching them defeat the Invisible forces there, he brings them to the world of Fates to protect a certain someone.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unexplained in Awakening why Tiki is living in the Mila tree.


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