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“Thank you, soldiers of Utna. Thanks to you, it was possible for me to awaken. I am Miradona. Following the fate of Emiyu, I fell into an eternal sleep in this earth. Hundreds of years ago, my blood brought a great tragedy. I never realized till now that it still causes Utna’s girls to suffer. Let everything return the way it should be. The soul of Kalbazan was sealed. The souls of Gwenchaos and Teeta were saved. Purify this underground temple. Utna’s girls will also awaken soon and their smiles will show. Thank you, heroes. I will return to the earth in the bottom of Reeve. You will have my eternal love and thanks. A thousand years ago, humans loved me just as much. I will cherish those feelings when I follow Emiyu’s fate. Farewell, humans. With your courage and your love for the truth, you will receive the gods' favour, that is certain.”
—Miradona, to the heroes after Gerxel's defeat

Miradona (ミラドナ) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. She is the Earth Goddess who is said to be the mother of Utna. She is also the princess of the ancient Emiyu race.


After the extinction of the Emiyu race, Miradona traveled to the continent of Lieberia alongside her four dragon followers. There, she slept within the ground for several hundred years. Eventually, the Zoan clan leader Kalbazan entered the temple where Miradona slept in the form of a gigantic white dragon. Thinking that she was the fabled dark god Gerxel, he drank her blood and transformed into a dark dragon, renaming himself "Gerxel". When Utna was sent to the temple to be sacrificed to Gerxel, Miradona saved her and gave her blood to drink, as well as Emiyu treasures to save humanity.

Miradona appears before the heroes after Gerxel is slain by a combined attack from Runan, Holmes, Sennet, and Tia. She praises them and declares that she will seal Gerxel's spirit, release Gwenchaos's and Teeta's souls, and purify the underground temple. She also reveals that she will become one with the land of Lieberia and follow the destiny of her race. Before leaving, she resurrects Enteh, Katri, Neyfa, and Richard, allowing them to reunite with the heroes.


  • Miradona seems to be based on Mila from the Fire Emblem Series.
  • Miradona is the only character in TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga whose portrait is animated; her eyes blink and her mouth moves while speaking.


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