Mirages are entities that appear in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. They are conceptually similar to the demons found in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, but are instead based on characters from the Fire Emblem franchise. Additional Mirages that appear in the game are taken directly from the traditional roster of Shin Megami Tensei demons and the generic Fire Emblem classes.

Profile Edit

Beings that traverse into the modern world from a dimensions called Idolaspheres. They are attracted to humans with Performa; a manifestation of creative energy. Some are benevolent and aid the player-characters, while others appear as enemies and seek to drain humans of all their Performa. When a human has had their Performa drained, they become susceptible to being possessed by the attacking Mirage.


Physical appearanceEdit

Many Mirages are humanoid in appearance and size. However, this does not mean they are all completely humanoid in appearance. For instance, Aversa's Mirage incarnation can be somewhat likened to a Pegasus-Centaur beast. She has a humanoid torso and a pegasus body and wings. Medeus, an Earth Dragon Manakete, is a completely non-humanoid Mirage, having the form of a massive dragon.

Other Mirages that do have a more humanoid appearance nonetheless bear physical traits that make them seem otherworldly and machine-like. Navarre, for example, has in place of a normal arm a long coil that can stretch, while Tharja does not appear to have arms at all, with the folds of her cloak standing in place for them.

Major Mirage CharactersEdit

Allied Mirages Edit

Mirages that appear as either members of the playable roster or in major supporting roles:

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Mirages that appear as enemy bosses during the course of the main story:

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Mirages that appear as bosses during the side stories of Itsuki's friends:

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Mirages that appear as heroes of the past: