“But I will not be deterred. If I am to lead this nation, I cannot allow it to be corrupted by prejudice and hatred. I can put the life the goddess has given me to no greater good than this.”

Misaha (ミサハ Misaha) is a background character from the Tellius Series who makes an appearance during a flashback in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. She was the previous apostle of Begnion as well as the grandmother of Micaiah and Sanaki. She was loved by the citizens of Begnion more than any other apostle before her.


Apostle Misaha was seen as an obstruction by the Begnion Senate. Hundreds of years after he vanished from history, Lehran reappeared to speak to Misaha and find a way to resolve the conflict between beorc and laguz. This meeting caused her to declare the Laguz Emancipation Act, which opposed the imperial senate's ideals of beorc being superior to laguz. She also decided to publicly reveal her identity as a Branded. For these reasons, Lekain assassinated Misaha and framed the herons for it, causing the citizens to revolt and burn down Serenes Forest.


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