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With TitaniaEdit

C SupportEdit

[Part 1]

  • Titania: Doing the laundry, Mist? Here, let me give you a hand.
  • Mist: Oh, no, no... Please, you've been fighting all day. I couldn't make you help!
  • Titania: We've all had our hands full around here, and you're no exception. Now, give me some of those... Wow. Talk about a pile of laundry...

[Part 2 (Chapter 17 and before)]

  • Mist: Yeah, I'm actually washing everyone else's stuff while I'm at it. I thought it would be a good way to thank the others for all their help.
  • Titania: Well, it's a thoughtful gesture, but make sure you don't turn it into a full-time job, all right? Oh, this one is ripped.
  • Mist: Oh, that's my brother's. He's been fighting too long in these old things. Look at it! It's practically falling apart! Next time we're in a town, I'm going to make him buy a new shirt. If he's going to be commander, he'd better look the part!

[Part 2 (Chapter 18 and after)]

  • Mist: Yeah. I know I can't wash up after the entire Crimean army, but I thought I could at least help the Greil Mercenaries. It's a good way to thank the others for all their help.
  • Titania: Well, it's a thoughtful gesture, but make sure you don't turn it into a full-time job, all right? Oh, this one is ripped.
  • Mist: Oh, that's my brother's. He's been fighting too long in these old things. Look at it! It's practically falling apart! Next time we're in a town, I'm going to make him buy a new shirt. If he's going to be general, he'd better look the part!

[Part 3]

  • Titania: Speaking of which...let me see that old thing you're wearing. The sleeve is coming apart. See?
  • Mist: Hey, you're right!
  • Titania: This is beyond repair. Your brother's not the only one who could benefit from a shopping trip. We'll go together, you and I.
  • Mist: I don't know, Titania... There's so much work to be done around here. I'm not sure I've got the time, really...
  • Titania: I'm telling you, Mist, you're pushing yourself too hard. Everyone appreciates your work, but you're leaving no time to relax!
  • Mist: Yeah, but...doing the chores helps me relax![pause 35] What? Don't look at me that way!
  • Titania: Mist, that's nonsense. I mean it. You need to take some time off. Sometime soon, you and I will go into town, just the two of us.
  • Mist: Oh, all right!

B SupportEdit

  • Mist: I'm sorry about the other day, Titania. I really did have a good time, even if I didn't look like it...
  • Titania: Don't worry about it, Mist! You did look awfully serious the whole time, but that just proves to me how much you needed the time off.
  • Mist: And I did enjoy seeing the town. I'd never seen anything quite like it! But I kept thinking about all the chores waiting here...
  • Titania: You're far too considerate of others, Mist. You're always putting our needs before your own. You're so much like Elena in that regard.
  • Mist: My mother?
  • Titania: Yes. You and she are very much alike. But you know, Mist, you are still young. You do not need to take on all the burdens of adulthood so soon. I worry about you.
  • Mist: Oh, stop... Titania? Thank you...
  • Titania: No, Mist. Thank you.

A SupportEdit

  • Titania: Come over here for a second, Mist.
  • Mist: What is it, Titania?
  • Titania: Here. It's a little present from me.
  • Mist: Hey, this is that dress I saw in town the other day. Oooo, I loved this dress!
  • Titania: I thought so. Aren't you glad we made that trip together?
  • Mist: Oh, thank you, Titania.
  • Titania: It's nothing, Mist. Consider it a thank-you for all you've done. To tell you the truth, I've been a little worried about you. You've been doing so many chores, and you've been helping us all on the battlefield. It's a lot to ask of you. That's why I'm trying to make sure you stop and take care of yourself, treat yourself to something nice once in a while.
  • Mist: Titania...
  • Titania: Listen, Mist. I know you and Ike are close, but if there's ever anything you can't talk to him about, I want you to know you can come to me. I may not be Elena, but I do care about you just the same.
  • Mist: I... I will... Thank you... That's very nice of you, Titania. Tee hee hee... Oh, this dress is too good for me...

With BoydEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Boyd: Hyaaa! Gyaaa! Hrrraaaa! ... Phew... That's enough for today. I just don't feel into it. Maybe I'll take a quick nap...
  • ???:: Done already, Boyd?!
  • Boyd: Huh? Um... Gyaaa! Hyaaa! Oh, Titania! I didn't see you there. I'm training so hard that... Huh?
  • Mist: Tee hee!
  • Boyd: Who the--? Mist! Ooo! What a jerk!
  • Mist: Hey, you're the one who tried to blow off training! If you keep ignoring your drills, I'm going to become a better mercenary than you!
  • Boyd: Better than me? Ha. HA! Dream on, kid! You've got some nerve saying that to me!
  • Mist: Kid? You better remember who my father is! Fighting ability runs in the blood, you know.
  • Boyd: Aw, that's a bunch of hooey! Survival on a battlefield depends on experience and luck. Nothing more! If you dive into battle with a conceited attitude, you'll end up dead no matter what blood is in your veins!
  • Mist: Gee, sorry, Boyd. I was just joking... Hey, don't look so angry...
  • Boyd: This is no game! We don't fight for fun! Now get out of here... I mean it! You're in my way!
  • Mist: ...Sorry.
  • Boyd: ...Mist, wait... Ah, heck.

B SupportEdit

  • Mist: Ike! Brother! Where did he go?
  • Boyd: Ike? Hey, Ike! IIIKKKEEEE!! Man alive, where did that guy get to?
  • Mist: Oh... Hi, Boyd.
  • Boyd: Hey, Mist. you know where Ike is?
  • Mist: Nope. I was looking for him, too.
  • Boyd: Huh. Well, he's been pretty busy lately. Maybe I should just give up and find someone else...
  • Mist: You need a training partner?
  • Boyd: Yeah. I'm just not motivated unless I'm sparring with someone.
  • Mist: Can I... Can I be your partner?
  • Boyd: What, you? Seriously? Why would you want to do that?
  • Mist: Because I want to prove that you're no match for me! Um... Actually...I need to toughen up, or I might not survive these next battles. That's why.
  • Boyd: That's a good reason. Maybe you can be my partner, after all.
  • Mist: Really?
  • Boyd: Well, it's better than hitting a scarecrow with a stick.
  • Mist: That's terrible! After all, I am Greil's--
  • Boyd: Yeah, yeah, you're Greil's daughter. I know. You won't let me forget it!
  • Mist: ...
  • Boyd: Hey, listen... I'm sorry about the other day. I was too harsh on you.
  • Mist: No, it's fine. You were right. I was naive. You just opened my eyes a little... I'm grateful to you, Boyd.
  • Boyd: Don't... Don't thank me for insulting you! Sheesh!
  • Mist: But it was a good thing! You're making me strong! You're so good to me... Huh? Why are you blushing?
  • Boyd: Quiet! I'm not blushing! Uh... I gotta go!
  • Mist: Boyd! Wait! Where are you going? Aren't we going to train?

A SupportEdit

  • Boyd: Hey, Mist.
  • Mist: Boyd...
  • Boyd: What's wrong? You look depressed. Actually, you haven't been yourself lately. Did something happen?
  • Mist: B-Boyd, I... Sniff...sniff... Whaaa! Whaaaaaaaa!
  • Boyd: Whoa! What is it?
  • Mist: Oh, Boyd, it's...everything! Every...thing... Sniff... Boyd, I... Whaaaaaa!
  • Boyd: Um... Ah, geez... I'm not much good at this kind of thing, but if you need to cry, go ahead.
  • Mist: Whaaaaaa! ...Snifff... Sniff... Awaaahaaahaaahaaaaaaaaaa!!!
  • Boyd: Um... Once you settle down, we can talk. All right? But go ahead and let it out. Let it all out. You'll feel better.
  • Mist: Whaaaaaaa... Whaaa... Sniff... ...Sniff... Tha-thanks...
  • Boyd: Hey, don't worry. You have me and... everyone. You're in good hands. We'll take care of you.
  • Mist: ...Sniff... Oh, Boyd...

With RolfEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Mist: Rolf! Oh, there you are!
  • Rolf: Mist! Were you looking for me?
  • Mist: Yes. I've been meaning to talk to you. We haven't had a chance to talk since that day we fought for the first time.
  • Rolf: I'm glad you're safe... Somehow, we're both still alive.
  • Mist: Yes...we've been so lucky.
  • Rolf: My heart was pounding and my hands were shaking so badly that I almost shot an arrow into Boyd's backside.
  • Mist: Tee hee! Good thing you didn't, or he would have given you a smacking! I was so...scared. I heard yelling... screaming...and the most awful howls of agony. I felt dizzy and sick.
  • Rolf: I wasn't scared at all. Maybe I was a little nervous... But by the end, I was almost hitting my targets!
  • Mist: You weren't even a little scared?
  • Rolf: No way. I can't wait for the next battle. I'll fight better next time. You'll see. I'll feather a horde of slobbering enemies! See you later, Mist. I've got to go practice!
  • Mist: Oh, Rolf! Rolf...

B SupportEdit

  • Rolf: Aim...and release!
  • Mist: Can I talk to you for a moment, Rolf?
  • Rolf: Sure. Just hold on and let me tighten my bowstring. I've got to be ready... You know, just in case some Daein thugs try to jump us.
  • Mist: ...
  • Rolf: So...what do you need, Mist?
  • Mist: Let's not fight in any more battles, Rolf. I really don't think we children should be fighting in this war.
  • Rolf: Huh? Why are you saying this now?
  • Mist: Let's go back to being kids. If this is what it's like to be an adult, I don't want any part of it.
  • Rolf: You're right, Mist. Fighting scares you. You don't have to fight. Don't worry... I'll fight for you!
  • Mist: That's not what I meant, and you know it! You've got to stop fighting, or it's all meaningless.
  • Rolf: I can't do that. I have to slay our enemies and defend our own. I'm a man, now...
  • Mist: Slay your enemies? Is it that meaningless to you? Like picking a flower or squishing a spider. They're human, too.
  • Rolf: ...
  • Mist: Do you understand that, Rolf? The enemy... They're human, just like us. They're not paper targets pinned to a tree.
  • Rolf: I don't want to hear it.
  • Mist: Rolf!
  • Rolf: I don't want to hear it!! Got it?! They're trying to hurt us! Kill us! I'm just stopping them. I'm protecting all of you.
  • Mist: Wait... Rolf! Oh... Please understand...

A SupportEdit

  • Mist: Rolf.
  • Rolf: ...
  • Mist: Stop ignoring me! Can we please talk? Please?
  • Rolf: ...
  • Mist: I don't blame you. I just wanted you to know that... Not everyone we run into is evil. Some of them might just be caught up on the wrong side.
  • Rolf: So I wasn't thinking about that? Is that what you mean?
  • Mist: What? No...
  • Rolf: We're not fighting targets. I know the difference. Targets don't squirm on the ground and gurgle in pain. Targets don't make the grass slippery with blood. I learned that lesson the first time I took a man down. They're fighters, just like us.
  • Mist: Rolf...
  • Rolf: But there's a difference. They're trying to hurt the people I love. Anyone that tries that is an enemy of mine. That's why I won't hesitate to feather them. If I let even one of them live, they will do everything they can to kill one of our own. I... I'm afraid of that. I won't stop spilling blood until it's over.
  • Mist: Rolf!
  • Rolf: I don't want you to die! I... I... I don't want to lose anyone else... ... Whaaaa...
  • Mist: I'm sorry, Rolf! I'm so sorry...
  • Rolf: Whaaaaaaaaa... ...Sniff... Sniff...
  • Mist: I thought you had changed. You used to be such a sweet boy. I thought you'd turned hard and didn't understand about death. I'm sorry...I didn't understand how you felt. You've been so desperate to protect everyone else.
  • Rolf: This will be over one day. I just want everyone to see that day.
  • Mist: Me, too, Rolf. Me, too...

With MordecaiEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Mist: Oh, no! Come back here, you!
  • Mist: Hm. Where did that thing go? I could have sworn it fell around here somewhere...
  • Mordecai: Looking for this?
  • Mist: Wow! M-Mordecai... You scared me.
  • Mordecai: I am sorry to frighten you. I found this. Is it something you lost?
  • Mist: Oh, I... Yes, that's... Some of my clothes were drying on the line, and a breeze carried one of my scarves away... Thank you, Mordecai.
  • Mordecai: You are welcome.
  • Mist: Uh... Mordecai?
  • Mordecai: Yes?
  • Mist: Oh, uh... Well... I'm sorry; it's nothing.
  • Mordecai: If you say so. I will take my leave of you now.
  • Mist: Ahhh... What's wrong with me? I can't believe I couldn't do it. Why can't I be more like Ike? He's so casual, so calm all the time. I can't keep panicking like that.

B SupportEdit

  • Mist: Hello, Mordecai!
  • Mordecai: You are quite an energetic girl, are you not?
  • Mist: Yep! I'm in a good mood today.
  • Mordecai: I am glad to hear it.
  • Mist: Well, I like to think I have a cheery disposition. I don't like to be a Complainy Janey, you know? Ha ha... Um... And I like cooking, too. Oh, but I'm not so good at sewing, but my mother was.
  • Mordecai: Is that so.
  • Mist: And... And... Um... I forgot what else I was going to say. Um, er... Uh...
  • Mordecai: Mist. You must breathe.
  • Mist: ...HAAAAAA! Whew! Sorry! I'm better now...
  • Mordecai: You are nervous. You have not spoken to many laguz before. I can tell. But in your heart, you are trying to be my friend. That much is clear to me. Most clear.
  • Mist: ...
  • Mordecai: Do not be nervous. In time, we will grow to be friends. To speak true, Mordecai feels as nervous as you do.
  • Mist: Oh, Mordecai... Yes... Thank you. I feel a lot better now, kind of. You're right. I shouldn't try so hard, should I?
  • Mordecai: Graow.

A SupportEdit

  • Mist: Oh, Mordecai. Is something wrong?
  • Mordecai: Have you seen your brother, Mist?
  • Mist: Oh, he's with Titania and others. But I think he'll be here soon.
  • Mordecai: Ah. Do you...and your brother get along well?
  • Mist: I think so... I mean, just about as well as any brother and sister do, you know?
  • Mordecai: Ike is a good beorc. He was kind to me, even though we had just met. He is a beorc, but I feel for him as though he is a brother laguz.
  • Mist: Ha ha ha. Yeah, he always has been a little weird, hasn't he?
  • Mordecai: Is that so? It does not matter. I am fond of Ike. Mist... I do not want you to laugh, but I would like to tell you something.
  • Mist: What's that?
  • Mordecai: When I returned your scarf, my hand was shaking with fear.
  • Mist: You? Were scared?
  • Mordecai: Yes. I was afraid that I made you afraid. I was afraid that you would run. I...was afraid.
  • Mist: Wow... I didn't know that. Tee hee. It IS kind of funny. You and I have a lot in common, don't you think?
  • Mordecai: Yes. We share much between us.

With JillEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Mist: Oh, there you are.
  • Jill: Back again, Mist?
  • Mist: Uh-huh. Because you didn't join us for supper. Again.
  • Jill: No one wants to share the table with a Daein soldier. It would ruin the meal.
  • Mist: My brother says he doesn't care.
  • Jill: He says that...
  • Mist: And I'm just glad to have someone close to my age traveling with us! So come on, let's go eat something.
  • Jill: I... I can't. Sorry.
  • Mist: I see. Well then... I'll just have to bring the food to you! I'll be right back!
  • Jill: B-but... Hold it a second!

B SupportEdit

  • Mist: Does that taste good, Jill?
  • Jill: Mmrph... Yeah, it's really good. Why?
  • Mist: Because I made it! I'm glad you like it.
  • Jill: You made this?
  • Mist: Yep. I call it Mist's Magical Meatloaf! It's chock full of stuff that's good for you, especially when you're sick. You look real sad and you never eat, so I thought this would make you feel better.
  • Jill: You're worried about me? Why are you so... nice to me? I'm a Daein sol--
  • Mist: Stop. Please stop saying that.
  • Jill: Why? It's true.
  • Mist: Because it makes me feel bad, that's why! You're always saying, "I'm a Daein soldier! Everyone should hate me! Blah blah blah!" You're not a bad person, Jill. I want to be your friend. And you make it really hard!
  • Jill: M-my friend...?

A SupportEdit

[Part 1]

  • Jill: Can I talk to you for a second, Mist?
  • Mist: Sure, Jill.
  • Jill: Um... I don't really have anything to say... I...uh...just wanted to be with you. I'm kinda lonely. Tell me if I'm bothering you!
  • Mist: No! No! Actually, I was hoping to see you! 'Cause I'm... I'm kinda lonely too. I'm glad you're here.
  • Jill: Great!
  • Mist: Tee hee!
  • Jill: Hmm...
  • Mist: Er...
  • Jill: Um...
  • Mist: ...Oh, hey! Wasn't that something?
  • Jill: Yeah, it sure was! Um...what?
  • Mist: The Serenes Forest! The way that Reyson and Leanne sang and made those shiny lights and brought the whole forest back to life!
  • Jill: Y...yeah... That was...sniff... Sniff... Whaaaaaaaa!
  • Mist: Oh, no! Jill! Why are you crying?
  • Jill: B-because...that made me understand... The l-laguz...aren't bad! I am! I was the one who was wrong! Wrong about...what I believed... Wrong about everything! Whaaaaaaaa!!
  • Mist: Oh, Jill, no! Don't cry! Don't...sniff...oh no! Whaaaaaaaa!

[Part 2 (Chapter 20 and before)]

  • Jill: Why... Why did you lie to me, Father? I've had to endure so much pain... I wish I'd known the truth from the start. My father lied to me, Mist. He lied to build me into a heartless warrior, a soldier worthy of Daein.
  • Mist: That can't be!
  • Jill: It is.
  • Mist: No father could treat his child like a tool. There must be another reason! If he lied to you...he must have thought that it would be for the best!!
  • Jill: Mist, you don't--
  • Mist: You're a fool, Jill! A blind fool! I know you're feeling down, but questioning a father's love is ridiculous! Because a father wouldn't... A father wouldn't... Oh, Dad... ...Sniff...
  • Jill: Mist! Oh, Mist... I know... It's all right...
  • Mist: Father... Dad! ...Whaaaaa!
  • Jill: Mist, no! Don't cry! Don't cry, Mist! ...Mist...?
  • Mist: ...Whaaa... Sniff... Oh, s-sorry...
  • Jill: Mist...thanks for talking about my father like that. I appreciate it...
  • Mist: Jill...
  • Jill: Maybe I am a fool... Maybe you're right... Doubting even for a second the man who raised me with love and devotion...... Something must be wrong with me... But I... I have to choose my own path. I have to choose a path that I believe in! I'm sure... Father will understand me.
  • Mist: I'm sure he will, Jill. I know it.

[Part 2 (Chapter 21 and after)]

  • Mist: You stayed behind because you knew that, right? That's why you left the Daein army.
  • Jill: There's no way I can go back... I'm sure my father is ashamed of me... I'm sure he thinks me a traitor.
  • Mist: That can't be!
  • Jill: It is.
  • Mist: No father would talk about his own daughter like that! Ever! No matter how many times you fail, a father will smile and forgive and say "that's all right"! Besides... I'm sure he'd be happy to know that his child chose a path she believed in... Because a father wouldn't... A father wouldn't... Oh, Dad... ...Sniff...
  • Jill: Mist! Oh, Mist... I know... It's all right...
  • Mist: Father... Dad! ...Whaaaaa!
  • Jill: Mist, no! Don't cry! Don't cry, Mist!
  • Mist: ...Whaaaaa... Sniff... S-sorry...
  • Jill: Mist... You make all of my worries go away when you're near me...
  • Mist: R-really?
  • Jill: The world is hard. Hard and cold and... terrible. Even so, you make me... You make me want to keep going.
  • Mist: Oh, Jill... ...Sniff... Whaaaaaaaa!
  • Jill: I told you no crying... Oh, no... Sniff...sniff... Whaaaaaaaa!

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