-- Data tables for character stats
local data = {}
-- Character stats
data.stats = {
    {'Level',   'lv',   '\n![[Level]]'},
    {'HP',      'hp',   '\n![[HP]]'},
    {'EP',      'ep',   '\n![[EP]]'},
    {'Str',     'str',  '\n![[Strength|Str]]'},
    {'Mag',     'mag',  '\n![[Magic (stat)|Mag]]'},
        {'Mnd', 'mnd',  '\n![[Magic (stat)|Mnd]]'},
    {'SM',      'sm',   '\n![[Strength|S]]/[[Magic (stat)|M]]'},
    {'Atk',     'atk',  '\n![[Attack (stat)|Atk]]'},
    {'Skl',     'skl',  '\n![[Skill (stat)|Skl]]'},
        {'Tec', 'tec',  '\n![[Skill (stat)|Tec]]'},
    {'Spd',     'spd',  '\n![[Speed (stat)|Spd]]'},
        {'Agl', 'agl',  '\n![[Speed (stat)|Agl]]'},
    {'Lck',     'lck',  '\n![[Luck|Lck]]'},
    {'Def',     'def',  '\n![[Defense|Def]]'},
    {'Res',     'res',  '\n![[Resistance|Res]]'},
    {'Con',     'con',  '\n![[Constitution|Con]]'},
        {'Bld', 'bld',  '\n![[Constitution|Bld]]'},
    {'Wt',      'wt',   '\n![[Weight (character stat)|Wt]]'},
    {'Wlv',     'wlv',  '\n![[Weapon Level|Wlv]]'},
    {'Move',    'mov',  '\n![[Movement|Mov]]'},
    {'Lead',    '',     '\n![[Leadership|Lead]]'},
        {'LS',  '',     '\n![[Leadership|LS]]'},
    {'MS',      '',     '\n![[Movement Star|MS]]'},
    {'PC',      '',     '\n![[Pursuit Critical Coefficient|PC]]'},
    {'Gold',    '',     '\n![[Gold]]'}
-- Growth stats
data.growth = {
    hp =        data.stats[2][3],
    str =       data.stats[4][3],
    mag =       data.stats[5][3],
        mnd =   data.stats[6][3],
    sm =        data.stats[7][3],
    atk =       data.stats[8][3],
    skl =       data.stats[9][3],
        tec =   data.stats[10][3],
    spd =       data.stats[11][3],
        agl =   data.stats[12][3],
    lck =       data.stats[13][3],
    def =       data.stats[14][3],
    res =       data.stats[15][3],
    con =       data.stats[16][3],
        bld =   data.stats[17][3],
    wlv =       data.stats[19][3],
    mov =       data.stats[20][3]
return data

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