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Morse is a background character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the legendary Archsage who is also known as the White Master. He was one of Miradona's four followers and likely a member of the Emiyu race himself. He traveled to Lieberia from the northern continent, and helped send Miradona into a deep sleep. Afterwards, he was distressed to see the Zoa citizens being discriminated and aided the prisoners being kept at a faraway tower, which later became known as the Tower of Morse. Morse also began to teach the Four Sages (Octavas, Mios, Eisenbaha, and Gwenchaos). Lately, Morse has been keeping a disciple named Meeme at the tower and is supposedly traveling in another world. During the storyline, he resurrects Father Law's body after he is killed by the Isla Pirates and uses it to tell Holmes about the truth of the history of Lieberia, including the secrets of Miradona, Gerxel and Utna.


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