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“In the year 547, Sage Morse came to the island and claimed the tower as his own. None of the Reevan soldiers dared touch him, and eventually he and his clerics interfered so much with regular operations that the military ended up abandoning the place. Ever since then, it was Morse's own temple.”
—Law talking about Morse

Morse (モース Mōsu) is a background character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the legendary Archsage known as the White Master. He is also one of Miradona's four followers and likely a member of the ancient Emiyu race.


After the extinction of the Emiyu race, Morse followed Miradona to the continent of Lieberia and assisted in sending her into a deep sleep. Many years later, he was distressed by seeing the citizens of Zoa being discriminated and aided the prisoners who were kept at a faraway tower, which later became known as the Tower of Morse. He also began to teach the Four Sages (Mios, Octavas, Ezenbah, and Gwenchaos).

While Morse is supposedly traveling to another world, he has been keeping a disciple named Meeme at the Tower of Morse to protect the altar on the highest floor. During the game's events, he takes the form of Father Law to inform Holmes about the true history of Lieberia, including the secrets of the deities.


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