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With LetheEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Lethe: Muarim.
  • Muarim: Hello, Lethe...
  • Lethe: How are you holding up? I take it you've never fought in an army like this before.
  • Muarim: Yes, that's right. Sometimes I get confused. I'm not used to this way of fighting.
  • Lethe: Ask me if you have any questions. I know a lot about battle... I commanded a unit back in Gallia.
  • Muarim: You must be a fierce fighter and great leader. Is it common for females to command armies?
  • Lethe: In Gallia, it doesn't matter what your sex is. You just have to be the best.
  • Muarim: That sounds fair to me.
  • Lethe: Your life may not be so fair. You said you used to be a slave in Begnion.
  • Muarim: You will never know the horror. You've lived with laguz pride in your heart, under the protection of the great King Gallia. You do not know...
  • Lethe: ...

B SupportEdit

  • Lethe: How are you, Muarim?
  • Muarim: I'm starting to feel more at home with this army. And I've finally gotten used to the curious looks from other laguz.
  • Lethe: Curious looks?'re hauling crates around! You should leave the supply carrying to the other soldiers.
  • Muarim: I guess it's just in my nature. I don't want to leave the work to the beorc.
  • Lethe: Why not?
  • Muarim: They're just like us.
  • Lethe: I see...
  • Muarim: So you think I have no pride as a laguz?
  • Lethe: No... There was a time when I wouldn't have cared if they all fell off a cliff. But after joining Ike and his crew, I've learned that beorc and laguz can get along.
  • Muarim: ...
  • Lethe: I don't know what to tell you. It seems like you've already given up.
  • Muarim: Given up?!
  • Lethe: I can't say I don't understand why. You must have led a difficult life. But...I just can't understand how you've abandoned your laguz heritage.
  • Muarim: ...

A SupportEdit

  • Muarim: Lethe.
  • Lethe: What is it?
  • Muarim: I'm sorry I gave you a hard time. I must have just been envious of how comfortable you are around beorc.
  • Lethe: Comfortable?
  • Muarim: can deal with the beorc on an equal footing without losing face. It may seem like nothing to you, but it's something I once couldn't imagine.
  • Lethe: You can do the same.
  • Muarim: may be right. Yes... I must change my attitude.
  • Lethe: I think you will feel better that way. I've never seen you with a peaceful look on your face before. That makes me worried...
  • Muarim: Hah. Am I really that frigid?
  • Lethe: Most of the time. But I'm glad to see that you're warming up. Why don't you tell me more about why you are so harsh with the beorc? I might be able to understand.
  • Muarim: ...

With ZiharkEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Zihark: That's strange. I could swear I had it just a second ago. Where did I put...
  • Muarim: Something wrong?
  • Zihark: Oh, Muarim. No, not really. I just... I seem to have lost my sword powder.
  • Muarim: Sword powder?
  • Zihark: It's used to maintain swords. Swords rust quickly if you don't take care of them. A little powder, a little oil, and a little scrubbing does the trick.
  • Muarim: Does it come in a small bag attached to a stick?
  • Zihark: Yeah, that's it! Did you pick it up?
  • Muarim: No, but...I have seen it before. I did not know that was its name.
  • Zihark: Hm. Well, it doesn't look like I dropped it anywhere around here. Maybe I lost it when we were marching... Ah, well. Maybe Commander Ike will have some he can share.
  • Muarim: Being a beorc has its troubles, does it not?
  • Zihark: You said it. You know, it's times like these I really envy you laguz. You've always got your weapons, and they're always at the ready.
  • Muarim: ...

B SupportEdit

  • Muarim: Zihark.
  • Zihark: Oh, Muarim. What brings you here?
  • Muarim: Did you find the sword powder?
  • Zihark: Unfortunately, no. I'll need to replace it, I think. I hate to keep borrowing from the others.
  • Muarim: Can you use this?
  • Zihark: What's this? Oh, wow... This sword powder looks expensive... You're a laguz. How did you come to have this?
  • Muarim: Force of habit.
  • Zihark: I don't follow you.
  • Muarim: I was once a slave. The nobleman who was my master made me sharpen his blades for him. I was quite adept at it. He would bring them to me unannounced. If I did not have the proper materials to sharpen his swords, he would beat me. I still do not feel comfortable unless I have these materials near me.
  • Zihark: I'm sorry to have brought up such a painful memory.
  • Muarim: It is in the past now. Would you like me to sharpen your sword?
  • Zihark: Thank you, but a true swordsman takes care of his own blade. I appreciate your offer, though.
  • Muarim: Then at least take this powder. I no longer have any use for it.
  • Zihark: Muarim... Thanks. You saved me. I'm not just saying this out of gratitude, but...would you care to join me for dinner?
  • Muarim: I would like that very much.

A SupportEdit

  • Zihark: Muarim.
  • Muarim: What is it, Zihark?
  • Zihark: I picked this for you.
  • Muarim: This is...
  • Zihark: I've heard the beast tribes are fond of the leaves of this kind of herb. It's fairly uncommon, but I've learned how to spot it.
  • Muarim: Um...
  • Zihark: I picked the wrong herb, didn't I?
  • Muarim: No, no... It's fine. Unfortunately, it is not something that we tigers have a nose for.
  • Zihark: Oh... I didn't know that. Sorry. An old girlfriend of mine loved the scent of it. I guess I just assumed that all laguz liked the smell as much as she did.
  • Muarim: You...were involved with a laguz?
  • Zihark: Yeah.
  • Muarim: That is very uncommon. I've heard stories of love affairs between beorc and laguz. It must have been difficult. I do not imagine either society would have accepted it with ease.
  • Zihark: It...was too much for her. We couldn't be married, and the pressure was too much for her to stay with me. But I've never loved another woman. To this day, I think that I never shall.
  • Muarim: Can I have that bundle of herbs?
  • Zihark: What? But I thought...
  • Muarim: It has no effect on me, it's true, but I accept the gesture of kindness you have shown in bringing it to me. And I apologize for bringing up a painful memory of your own.
  • Zihark: Thanks. You're very kind. Heh. I guess that makes us even, doesn't it?

With LargoEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Largo: Whoa there! Your arms are huge!! How'd you get that big?
  • Muarim: ...?
  • Largo: I mean, my arms are pretty massive... but those babies are something else!
  • Muarim: You have big muscles, too...
  • Largo: Ba ha ha ha! Brute force is about the only thing I've got going for me! Hey, why are you carrying those water jugs?
  • Muarim: I'm taking them to the well.
  • Largo: You're filling all those jugs? They've got to weigh as much as an ox once you get water in them! One, two, three, four, five... You've got quite a handful there. Let me give you a hand.
  • Muarim: You don't have to do that.
  • Largo: Aw, heck! It's no problem! I may not be able to cast a bunch of fancy spells, but I can carry heavy stuff as well as any man or beast!
  • Muarim: ...All right, then. Let us go.

B SupportEdit

  • Largo: How goes it, Muarim?
  • Muarim: Largo. Thanks for your help the other day.
  • Largo: Bwa ha ha ha! That was nothing. You know, I've traveled all around the world, and I've never seen someone as burly as you. I'm pretty stout, but I bet you could mop the floor with me... So who do you think could lift the most?
  • Muarim: It's hard to say...
  • Largo: The heaviest thing I ever lifted was this tree I cut down. It was three times my size! What about you?
  • Muarim: Well... One time, I chiseled rocks from a mountain and carried them up to repair a castle wall.
  • Largo: Rocks?! How big were they?
  • Muarim: Mmm...big. Taller than me.
  • Largo: That's incredible! ...Hey, how do you feel about a little strength competition? I bet we'd be pretty evenly matched!
  • Muarim: No, that's just...
  • Largo: Don't be so uptight! Come on! It'll be fun!
  • Muarim: ...Hmmm... All right... But just this once!

A SupportEdit

  • Largo: Hey, Muarim! That lifting competition we had the other day was epic!
  • Muarim: Yes. It was a good time.
  • Largo: People got interested when we were seeing who could lift the most cured hams! That crowd was huge!
  • Muarim: Mmm... It got a bit out of hand when we started lifting people.
  • Largo: Bwa ha ha! We were neck and neck right until the end. The last thing I stacked on my back was that big smoked ham, but then you picked up that girl! What was her name again?
  • Muarim: Mist.
  • Largo: Yeah, that's her. We could have settled the competition if we had known which was heavier. Huh! I still think it was the ham...
  • Muarim: You were quite amazing.
  • Largo: Amazing? Me? Naw, not Largo! You were the incredible one!
  • Muarim: I'm not talking about how many hams you lifted. You were able to draw everyone together. It gave them a laugh, despite the stress of battle. Everyone had a chance to relax and blow off some steam.
  • Largo: Well, everybody deserves a good belly laugh! Bwaaaaa haa haa haaaaaa!!
  • Muarim: You also treat me and everyone else the same. You are a good beorc.
  • Largo: Bwa ha ha! I just call it like I see it! I don't deserve any credit for that. For now, let's call our match a tie. How about some arm wrestling next time? There's no way you can beat me at that!
  • Muarim: Hah! We shall see!

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