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Murgleis (ミュルグレ Myurugure) is one of eight Legendary Weapons of Elibe, and is the pre-eminent Bow in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. Forged during The Scouring for use against Manaketes, Murgleis was first wielded by Hanon the Divine Trooper, an individual who would later found the country of Sacae.

A feature that is unique to Murgleis is the fact that it is the only bow existing in the game that does not inflict effective damage against Pegasus Knights and Falcon Knights.


Also referred to as "The Bow of the Winds", Murgleis was sealed within the confines of some ruins located in the outskirts of Bulgar.

During the events of The Binding Blade, completing Chapter 20B in 25 turns or less and ensuring the survival of Sin, Sue and Dayan will lead to the surfacing of reports of the location of the ruins and the bow that it purportedly harbours. Roy responds by directing his army towards said ruins, spurring the events of following chapter, in which the remaining stragglers of the Djute clan are eradicated. Murgleis is thereafter uncovered on an altar by an unnamed Soldier, and employed alongside its other divine weapon counterparts to end Idunn's influence on Elibe.

If the Ilian route is taken, Murgleis will be acquired by Yoder, who later joins Roy's army with the bow in his inventory in Chapter 21.

Weapon StatsEdit

Name Type

Miugre Murgleis

Bow Bow

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng Wt WEx Worth
S 20 16 80% 0% 2 9 1 -

Grants its wielder a bonus of +5 Speed; Effective against Manaketes, Wyvern Riders, and Wyvern Lords.

Item LocationsEdit

Method Location
Event Ch. 20B - End of chapter.*
Inventory Yoder**

*Only if the Sacaen route is taken.
**Only if the Ilian route is taken.


In the medieval French epic poem "The Song of Roland", Murgleis is the name of the sword worn by Ganelon, the traitor. Ganelon was Roland's stepfather and a vassal of Charlemagne, but was of lesser status than Roland, since Roland was Charlemagne's nephew and the greatest knight in the kingdom. Ganelon conspires with the Saracens of Spain to kill Roland, thus setting the poem's plot in motion.

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