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Naga's Tear
First SeenFire Emblem: Awakening
Item TypeStat-booster
EffectBoosts Max HP +5 and all other stats +2

Naga's Tear (神竜の涙, Divine Dragon's Tears in the Japanese version) is an item in Fire Emblem: Awakening. It permanently raises all of a character's stats by 2 and the HP by 5. This item is very similar to Tiki's Tear, but instead being effective for a single battle, it acts as a permanent stat booster. Two can be obtained. One through Paralogue 12, and the other after earning at least 30,000 Renown.


Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
NagatearNaga's Tear 1 5,000 Max HP +5 and all other stats +2

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