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“But know this: I am no god. I am no creator. I possess not the powers of making or unmaking. And neither does Grima. Neither of us bears the power to destroy the other utterly.”
—Naga to Chrom after the Awakening.

Naga (ナーガ Nāga, alternatively translated Narga in Fire Emblem Treasure), is a recurring character in the Fire Emblem series, specifically the Archanea and Jugdral Series. Naga is the leader of the Divine Dragons, but due to her sympathy for humanity and great power, she is often hailed as a deity by humans.

In Fire Emblem Awakening, she is voiced by Momoko Ohara in the Japanese version and by Mela Lee in the English version.


Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light/Mystery of the Emblem/Shadow Dragon/Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the EmblemEdit

Naga was the leader of the Divine Dragon tribe of Dragons, when Dragons began to decline, Naga proposed it was because Dragons were destined to fade in place of humanity, and it was now the duty of Dragons to guide them. Obeying the advice of the Dragon tribe Elders, Naga, and all of the Divine Dragon tribe sealed their power in stones, and became Manaketes. However many dragons did not heed this warning, and started Degenerating. Led by many in the Earth Dragon tribe, many dragons began attacking humanity out of spite for dragonkind's decline.

With the help of the rest of the Divine Dragons, Naga took the part of protecting mankind from the Earth Dragons by utilizing the powers of the Shield of Seals, which she forged from her own fangs. Naga was one of the first Dragons to take human form to preserve sanity and avoid degeneration at the advice of the Dragon Tribe Elders. After the Degenerated Earth Dragons were sealed, Naga created the sword Falchion from yet another one of her fangs and ordered the surviving Earth Dragon prince, Medeus, to guard the seal.

Shortly before her death, she placed her newborn daughter, Tiki, into a deep sleep, as Naga was wearful of Tiki great power causing her to go mad. She then entrusted fellow Divine Dragon Gotoh with the task of watching over humanity in her place and ensuring that Tiki did not go degenerate and annihilate humanity. Thus Gotoh was tasked with keeping Tiki asleep at all costs, particularly if the Shield of Opposing Naga's decision was lost.

In the remake, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, the new addition of Nagi is hinted to be a reincarnation of Naga, if not Naga herself. Nagi bestows a weaker version of the Falchion upon Marth, attempting to make up for the original one that he did not possess. Medeus later further implies that Nagi is the reincarnation of Naga, stating that he is not the only Manakete resurrected. Nagi's ending title in the Japanese version of the series is that of the "Divine Dragon King's Incarnation", further supporting this point.

Genealogy of the Holy War/Thracia 776Edit

Naga, taking the form of a young maiden, was one of the dragons who blood-bonded with the Twelve Crusaders during the Miracle of Darna, specifically Saint Heim, who would wield the tome named after her. As a result of this blood bond, Prince Kurth, his daughter Deirdre, and later Deirdre's children, Julia and Seliph, will possess Naga's blood.

Official developer notes later reveal that Naga transferred her will into Heim with the Book of Naga [1], similar to what Loptyr did with Galle, and later Julius, and what Forseti would later do with Lewyn. This possession proved that, with Naga as the leader of the dragons, her human vessel would be the leader of the Crusaders.


Naga is hailed as the Divine Dragon who protected mankind and bestowed her power upon the first Exalt of Ylisse to defeat the Fell Dragon Grima. Because of her benevolence and her role in sealing the Fell Dragon, she is hailed as a god, leading to the formation of Ylisse, a country who worships her.

All descendants of Ylissean royalty bear the Brand of the Exalt (Mark of Naga in the Japanese version) on their body, a sign of the ancient pact between Naga and the first Exalt. This can be anywhere, from their forehead to their eye. This mark generally does not appear initially upon birth, but will eventually surface. Sometimes, the mark may never appear, such as the case of Lissa. However even though she does not bear the mark, her son inherited the mark. It is also likely this mark is the same borne by descendants of Heim, given its similar gifting.

After Grima's resurrection, Chrom arrives at Mount Prism to perform the Awakening. Chrom's will is tested and is accepted by Naga, who unlocks the Falchion's true power, allowing it to become the Exalted Falchion. Though Naga is seen as a god, she admits that neither she nor Grima are gods to Chrom, Lucina, and the Avatar. However, she wishes to end the Fell Dragon once and for all but reveals that even with her blessing imbued on the Falchion, it will only seal him for another 1000 years. Without much time to delve further, Naga points them to Origin Peak where Grima is quickly regaining power.

Upon arrival at the peak, the Avatar realizes that, because of the fellblood and their link to Grima, if they deal the final blow, Grima can be killed once and for all. However, Naga warns them that if the Avatar does kill Grima, the Avatar will die along with him. However, she does mention that the Avatar may survive if the bonds of the army are strong enough. After defeating the last few Plegians, Naga warps Chrom and his army onto Grima's back. Grima severely weakens the army and pulls the Avatar into a void. After the Avatar breaks free from the void, Naga heals the army and they engage Grima in battle. Naga leaves the final decision to slay Grima to Chrom and the Avatar. Regardless of choice, Naga will thank Chrom and the Avatar for ending Grima's impending destruction of the world.

In Nah's supports with Morgan, Nah prays to Naga and she occasionally answers back. In her responses she reveals she has a surprisingly dry sense of humor.

In the Future Past DLC chapters, the Outrealm Naga is killed by Grima, through unknown means. The Naga of the current world summons Chrom and his army to assist 12 children on their quest to recover the Fire Emblem and the 5 gemstones so they can defeat Grima once and for all. After recovering the Emblem and the Gemstones, Lucina is able to perform the ritual. However as Naga is dead, Tiki, who was previously killed by Grima, becomes the new Naga of that realm. When the Awakening is performed, Tiki accepts Lucina's will and unlocks the Falchion, allowing her to seal Grima once more.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Edit

Naga does not make a physical appearance, but it is mentioned she played a role in the game's distant past. When Gharnef and Medeus originally threatened Archanea, she helped seal Gharnef away by taking the drastic measure of cleansing the world of all Performa in order to prevent his escape and Medeus's resurrection. In doing so, she also eliminated the performing arts from her world.

During the final boss fight of the game, Tiki calls upon Naga to grant her power to assist the player using the 'Naga's Blessing' skill which fully restores each member's HP.


While Naga only directly appears in Awakening, it can be seen that she possesses a great love for humanity, yet is also described as distant and almost cold by human standards. In order to protect humanity, she even put her daughter into a deep slumber and even considered killing her if it meant protecting humanity from Tiki degenerating like the other dragons were. Although she is worshiped like a deity in the world, Naga recognizes that she is nothing more than an exceptionally powerful Manakete.

In Awakening, Naga shows a more laid back side, encouraging Nah and Morgan to get together when prayed to by the former. She also is noted by Nah to have a dry sense of humor. It is also revealed in the same game that the name of Naga can be inherited, like a title, adding more ambiguity to Naga's character, implying that the "Naga" throughout history could very well be differing individuals. This was revealed during The Future Past 3 when Tiki took the role as the new Naga of the world for the alternate future. Its possible the differences in Naga's personality in Awakening is due to not being the original, as she's never referred to as Tiki's mother in the game and The Art of Awakening saying her connection to the original Naga is unknown.


In the original Archanea Series, Naga is referred to as male, referred to with masculine terms by Xane, and even being depicted as a blonde warrior in the opening cutscenes of Mystery of the Emblem. The item description of the Falchion states that the sword is "a gift from the Divine Dragon King." However, Naga never made a direct physical appearance in a male form.

Naga has had more evidence of being female as Nagi, a female Manakete, is said to be a reincarnation of Naga and even has the power to create a Falchion much like the original Naga. Naga's appearances in Genealogy of the Holy War and Awakening show a female Naga. It is possible that when Naga was depicted as a male warrior god it could be because humans depicted Naga as a god and had no way of knowing Naga's actual gender.

Another potential reason for this discrepancy in gender is revealed via the Future Past DLC storyline in Awakening where Naga may be simply a title, given to a Divine Dragon who has ascended and taken on the role of spiritual guardian of the world. Tiki's death allows her to ascend and takes on the role of Naga for the world during this DLC storyline.



The Nāga is a group of serpent deities in Hindu and Buddhist mythology, and usually assume the form of a king cobra. Nāga may also refer to an ordinary snake, or even a tribe of people. A female Nāga in deity form is known as a nāgī.


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