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Naris (ナリス Narisu) is a background character in TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the son of Sage Mios who succeeds the power of Light from his father, and married the daughter of Sage Octavas, Priestess Rose. He was also one of the Twelve Heroes who fought in the Leda Liberation War. He has two children: Rishel (succeeds the power of Fire) and Meriah (succeeds the power of Light).


After the War, Naris followed the King of Reeve's order and became the imperial court mage. He gradually became obsessed with power. After learning that a girl with a stigmata was born to the King and Queen, and with Sage Mios's absence, he secretly locked the princess in a room of the temple, resulting in the Queen's death due to her grief for the lost child and his wife's suicide. Several years later, Mios returned and released the princess. Naris was then expelled and banished from the Holy Temple by Mios and later killed by a Zoan swordman in the hunt of Zoan people.

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