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Nefka (ネブカ Nebuka) is an enemy character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is a priest of the Gerxel Church and the boss of Map 37. He looks down on the knights of the Zoa Empire because they are not priests.

He is first seen in Map 31 when he is having an argument with Zeek, whom he views as inexperienced. During the scene, he claims that Zeek has a talent for babbling and tells him to wait until their enemies are defeated to do it. Afterwards, he decides to observe the battle between Zeek and Holmes from afar, as he agrees not to interfere. When Zeek is captured by Holmes, Nefka aids him in his escape. When Kate and Zeek meet again, Nefka reveals to her that Zeek has always been loyal to Gerxel and kidnaps her. He forces Zeek to accept this, telling him that it would be seen as a traitorous act to oppose it and becoming a traitor would make Karla cry.

Before Chapter 37, he encounters Enteh when she arrives at the Temple of Gerxel during her solo attempt to rescue Neyfa. While she declares to him that she would exchange herself for Neyfa's release, Nefka kidnaps Enteh without agreeing to her demands and hands her over to Gwenchaos so that she can be sacrificed in the ritual to resurrect Gerxel.

In Map 37, Nefka is tasked with protecting the ☆Seiken Reeve and sends an army of Zombie Dragons to fight the invading army led by Runan. He is killed in the resulting battle.


Starting Class Group
Sorcerer mapSorcerer TS group mage Magic
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv Mov
30 40 0 18 15 17 8 11 15 3
Skills Weapon Starting Items


TS Dark MagicDark

Bau CrashBau Crash

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