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“What a disgrace... It's hard to believe the Dozels are of Crusader lineage.”

Neir is one of the Twelve Crusaders, possesses the title of Axe Knight, is the original wielder of the Helswath, and is the founder of the dukedom of Dozel Castle. Neir's known blood descendents are: Langobalt, Danan, Lex, Burian, Johan, and Johalva.

His current descendants have good relations with the Tordo family and hate the Baldur family. It is not known however, if these relations applied to Neir himself.


  • Like Tordo, Neir is the one of the only bloodlines without any known holders of Major blood at the end of the game. However its possible that Burian may have produced a descendent before his death. Alternatively, if Johan or Johalva is Larcei's lover and Lex is Larcei's father, the children of that relationship could hold Major Neir.
  • Neir's current descendants do not appear to have a good reputation; Lewyn was most critical of them and called them a disgrace to the Twelve Crusaders. Though it is slightly odd that Lewyn is only seen singling out Neir's descendants, when the Tordo and Fala families were responsible for just as many crimes.

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