“At last, Eliwood's long-awaited reunion with his father, as well as their painful farewell. After escaping the Dread Isle, they return to the port city of Badon. Eliwood remains silent for the duration of their passage. He sits cradling his father's cold hand as if to warm him back to life.”
—Opening Narration (Eliwood's Story)

“They find the man for whom they've been searching, Marquess Pherae. He breathes his last in the embrace of his son, Eliwood. The companions leave the Dragon's Gate and set sail for Badon. Eliwood is grief-stricken at his father's death. Hector can find no words to comfort his friend.”
—Opening Narration (Hector's Story)

New Resolve is Chapter E20/H21 of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

Eliwood's StoryEdit


Initial EnemyEdit

Total: 18


Total: 12

  • 1 Brigand L9 w/Poison Axe (upper right corner) after enemy's 3rd turn
  • 1 Monk L4 w/Lightning,1 Monk L4 w/Shine (right edge) after enemy's 4th turn
  • 2 Wyvern Rider L5 w/Poison Lance (upper right and lower right corner) after enemy's 5th turn
  • 1 Nomad L6 w/Steel Bow (upper right corner), 1 Cavalier L6 w/Steel Sword (lower right corner), Wyvern Rider L5 w/Poison Lance (lower right corner) after enemy's 6th turn
  • 1 Knight L7 w/Poison Lance, 1 Knight L7 w/Steel Lance (right edge) after enemy's 9th turn
  • 1 Nomad L6 w/Steel Bow (lower right corner), 1 Cavalier L6 w/Steel Sword (upper right corner) after enemy's 11th turn


Items dropped by enemy

  • Antitoxin (Archer L7)
  • Shine (Monk L7)
  • Torch (Cavalier L7)

Items that you can steal from enemy


  • 1 Restore (in the village closest to starting point)
  • 1 Light Rune (in the south west village)
  • 1 Elysian Whip (in the north east village)
  • 1 Wyrmslayer (the south east village)


Armory (center)

Armory (north)

Vendor (south)

Vendor (north)

Tip on Arena AbuseEdit

The Arena in this chapter is a little tricky to abuse. If you are looking to Arena Abuse in this chapter, you may find it quite difficult due to the "Defeat Boss" victory condition compounded with the fact that Oleg can move in order to attack your party. One solution to this problem is to use the Mine Glitch. It can be quite effective for incapacitating Oleg. Simply trade his weapons away and you can Arena Abuse to your heart's content. Another option, is to not step in his range or cross the wall to his left.

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