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Nico is a Daein boy who lives in Nevassa. He is saved by Micaiah and Edward from bandits raiding the city. He is awed the fact that they are in the Dawn Brigade and exclaims that all of his friends talk about it. Later, when Begnion Occupational Army is chasing the fleeing Dawn Brigade, he stands in their way along with the other townspeople, allowing Micaiah and her group to escape. Archers under Jarod shoot him, and he collapses in the street. Micaiah senses that something is wrong and returns. She uses her Sacrifice ability to heal him and saves his life. The Dawn Brigade then flees the city. Nico is not seen again until a Base Conversation in Chapter 3-12: The Price. He is enthused to see Micaiah again and expresses his convictions that the Dawn Brigade will save Daein.


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