The crest of the Nilf Kingdom.

Nifl (ニフル王国, Nifuru Ōkoku lit. Kingdom of Nifl in the Japanese version) is the name of the Kingdom of the Ice in Fire Emblem Heroes. It is the homeland of the Ice Princesses Fjorm, Ylgr and Gunnthrá, as well as of prince Hríd

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Surrounded by constant snow, Nifl is ruled by monarchy through an unnamed queen. While Nifl neighbored the Fire Kingdom of Múspell, the two fought against each other, until the current king, Surtr overwhelmed Nifl and killed the queen, leading to the destruction of the kingdom and the four royals being scattered. Princess Fjorm took the legendary lance Leiptr and attempted to exact vengeance upon Surtr and failed. She was miraculous enough to be spared and left on the wayside to die. Gunnthrá, eldest princess of Nifl, goes into hiding and attempts to link with someone for help, eventually contacting the Summoner through a dream, asking them to rescue her younger sister, Fjorm. Thanks to her plea, Fjorm is discovered by the Order of Heroes and rescued.

Pressured by the Múspell army, Fjorm recalls a legend in Nifl that grants the power to dispell the Múspellflame protecting Surtr. The Order of Heroes make their way to Snjárhof where they are met by Gunnthrá, ambushed by Surtr and on the brink of death. Before she dies, she gives the Summoner the Snjarsteinn, which when used with the Breidablik, will remove the king's protection.

According to Fjorm, it is Nifl custom for any person of the kingdom to repay any debt to a person who rescues them from the snow.

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Notable Niflese Edit

  • Gunnthrá - The gentle and caring eldest princess of Nifl who has strong maternal instincts.
  • Hríd - The eldest prince of Nifl. Becomes king after the events of Book II.
  • Fjorm - The headstrong second princess of Nifl bent on revenge for her kingdom.
  • Ylgr - The youngest princess of Nifl.

Etymology Edit

In Norse Mythology, Niflheim is the name of one of the Nine Worlds and considered one of two primordial realms alongside Muspelheim. It is said to be a realm of ice, cold, and frost. Through it, the rivers of Élivágar flow.


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