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“Ugh! Good people are dying, and I can't help! If only I could fight...”

Noble Lineage is Paralogue 7 of Fire Emblem: Awakening and Brady's paralogue.

Paralogue InformationEdit

The army starts off in a small enclosed space with 7 openings into the building. There are 5 NPC villagers inside and, depending on how many survive the chapter, more items will be given once the chapter is completed. Brady will join the army once Chrom or Maribelle talks to him.

These are the possible items to attain:

Unlock and AccessEdit

This paralogue will unlock once Maribelle achieves an S-Support with someone and Chapter 13 has been completed. It cannot be accessed directly from a chapter until Chapter 16. However it can be accessed earlier only if the following Paralogues have been unlocked as well:


Recruiting BradyEdit

Recruited by MaribelleEdit

  • Brady: "Haw haw haw! Oh, that's her. That's gotta be her."
  • Maribelle: "Pardon me, you mannerless cur! I will not stand to be laughed at by a base scoundrel of your like!"
  • Brady: "...Yep. That clinches it. You must be Maribelle."
  • Maribelle: "And just how do you know that?! Do you leer at me from behind the shades of whatever den of iniquity you frequent?! Hmph! I bid you good day!"
  • Brady: "I guess you've always been like this.'s good to see you again. And now that I've found ya, I'm afraid you're stuck with me. "

Recruited by ChromEdit

  • Brady: "An enemy?! Damn! Guess that's it for me... Sorry, Ma. Looks like I won't be home for supper after all. Do your worst, tyrant! I can't fight back anyway!"
  • Chrom: "You seem to be doing just fine to me."
  • Brady: "I'm unarmed, genius! Sheesh, anyone with eyes can see that!"
  • Chrom: "And anyone with eyes knows there's more to combat than swinging a blade around. You fight in your own way. Am I wrong?"
  • Brady: "Pah! Don't patronize me! I'd love to fight more'n anything, but I can't seem to make it work."
  • Chrom: "I'm sure something will come to you."
  • Brady: "...Just who are you, anyway?"
  • Chrom: "My name is Chrom."
  • Brady: "What? Y-you're Chrom?!"
  • Chrom: "You know me?"
  • Brady: "Ma wouldn't shut up about you!"
  • Chrom: "Er, do I know your mother?"
  • Brady: "Her name's Maribelle."
  • Chrom: "What?! So you're another traveler from the futu-"
  • Brady: "So you've already heard? Perfect. Now take me with ya already!" 
  • Chrom: "Er, well, I suppose we can find a place for you somewhere..."

Recruited by Chrom (as Chrom's son)Edit

  • Brady: "Ha! I hear you there, chump! You can come kill me now. You're just lucky I don't have my old man's skill with a blade."
  • Chrom: "Your father is a swordsman?"
  • Brady: "None of your damn business, dog!"
  • Chrom: "Do you always speak this way to Ylissean royalty?"
  • Brady: "I am Ylissean royalty!"
  • Chrom: "... What?"
  • Brady: "... Huh?"
  • Chrom: "Humor me here for a moment. What's your mother's name?"
  • Brady: "Maribelle."
  • Chrom: "Maribelle is my wife... Which would make you my son. Seems Lucina failed to mention this little detail."
  • Brady: "Huh. Yeah, I guess we look alike. I mean, if ya squint real hard... Sorry I called you a dog, Pop... Oh, and I'm Brady. Sooo... Must be disappointin' that your son can't fight, huh?"
  • Chrom: "You seem to be doing just fine to me. And anyone with eyes knows there's more to combat than swinging a blade around. And besides, you've chosen to heal instead of harm. I couldn't be prouder of that."
  • Brady: "... Really? Aw, thanks. That means a lot, Pop."

End of chapterEdit

No NPCs diedEdit

  • Elder: "Thank you! Oh, thank you...You've kept this sacred place safe and spared the lives of those within."
  • Chrom: "We just did what was right."
  • Elder: "Would that everyone were so brave! Please, allow me to give you this."

At least one NPC diedEdit

  • Elder: "Thank you, sir. The lives we lost cannot be replaced, but your efforts have spared this sacred place.
  • Chrom: "We truly grieve for those who died."
  • Elder: "You did all that could be done, and I am thankful for it. I'm afraid we have little to offer, but please accept this."

Brady and Maribelle survivedEdit

  • Brady: "Hey, Ma."
  • Maribelle: "What did you call me?"
  • Brady: "The name's Brady. I'm--"
  • Maribelle: "I'm sorry, but I only heal physical ailments. Broken bones and the like. You're clearly a deeply troubled individual whose diseased mind is beyond my healing."
  • Brady: "Stop talking for a minute and look at this!"
  • Maribelle: "That's... my ring! Then, that makes you..."
  • Brady: "Right. Like I was trying to say, I'm--"
  • Maribelle: "A thief! A rapscallion! A common lowborne cutpurse! How dare you sneak in here and steal my prized possessions!"
  • Brady: "Gawds! Stop interruptin' me for one blessed second, and check yer ring!"
  • Maribelle: "...Oh. It's still here."
  • Brady: "That clear things up any, Ma?"
  • Maribelle: "Everything save how I gave birth to a common thug!"
  • Brady: "Aw, come on, Ma! That's harsh! Sure, I'm not the prettiest guy around, but I'm no thug, and I AM your son! ...And it's good to see you."
  • Maribelle: "...How did I ever permit my child to grow up referring to me as "Ma"?"
  • Brady: "You gave up tryin' after a decade or so."
  • Maribelle: "Well, can you at least ride? Have you read the classics? Do you play violin? Chess?!"
  • Brady: "Yeah, all of the above. You beat all'a that junk into me."
  • Maribelle: "Glory be! My son is salvageable after all!"
  • Brady: "Uh... thanks?"
  • Maribelle: "Don't look so forlorn, dear. You've come a long way, but Mother's here now. I'll take care of things from now on."
  • Brady: "*Sniff* I missed you so much, Ma..."
  • Maribelle: "Do not even THINK of crying! It does not befit one of your station! *Sniff* Plus, you'll set me off as well..."
  • Brady: "S-sorry, I just... I... Oh, Ma!"
  • Maribelle: "Oh, Brady!"
  • Chrom: "Oh, brother."

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Of Sacred Blood or A Man for Flowers
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