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The Nohrian Festival of Bonds (絆の暗夜祭 Kizuna no Anya Matsuri lit. Dark Nights Festival of Bonds) is Xenologue 22 of Fire Emblem Fates, released on March 23, 2016 in Japan. It is similar to the Harvest Scramble and Summer Scramble from Fire Emblem Awakening in that it includes first-generation character special illustrations and conversations, including conversations between characters who normally do not form supports.

Unfortunately, due to unknown circumstance. This and the Hoshidan Festival of Bonds DLC was never released outside of Japan. This means the Great Lord and Lodestar classes are limited to one unit each along with their respective skills. Unofficial translations of the dialogue and conversations are available online.


The party visits Windmire in another time and place to find that a Halloween-like festival complete with costumes and decorations including pumpkins is underway to celebrate friendship. Faceless have come looking for easy prey, but the party gets the chance to save the day and also dress up in a number of outfits.

Victory earns a Hero's Brand, used to change a male unit into a Lodestar. One is already available in Before Awakening, but this mission allows players to obtain an unlimited amount.

Special ConversationsEdit

Leo & Niles



Trivia Edit

  • This particular Festival of Bonds DLC features a special support conversation between Leo and Niles, even though they can support in-game already. With that said, however, their two part support, particularly the second half, is nothing short of tragic and dark.
    • It reveals that at one point in time, Leo went to one similar to the Nohrian Festival of Bonds DLC when he was little and saw some homeless children. A few days later, after it had ended, he went back to the streets to meet them, only to find that... well, let's just say that he ended up feeling guilty for being selfish.
    • This memory did not sit well with him, even after all those years. That was what Niles was there for, as Niles admits that the main reason he never hated Leo even though he was a royal was because he had somehow sensed that pain when they first met.

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