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Nomah (FE2 Artwork)
GameFire Emblem Gaiden
Fire Emblem: Awakening (SpotPass)
First SeenChapter 2: Celica's Departure (Joins in Chapter 4: The Land of Sorrow)
Starting ClassSage

“Right now, you are the only successor to the Zofian royal family's bloodline. You are the last hope of the people of Zofia. Don't try to do the impossible.”
—Nomah advising Celica to practice caution on her journey in Gaiden

Nomah (ノーマ Nōma, Norma in the Japanese version) is from Fire Emblem Gaiden. He is the wise sage who trained and raised Celica after Mycen sent Celica to the Novis Monastery to keep her safe. He initially briefs her on the dangers of Celica's journey. He joins at the beginning of Chapter 4 after going through a hidden passage in the Temple of Mila. After the war, he became the high priest of the united faith of Mila and Duma.

In GameEdit


Base StatsEdit

Starting Class
Sage FE2 Map IconSage
Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Move
7 28 12 16 8 1 6 14 4
Magic Starting Item

Growth RatesEdit

HP S/M Skl Spd Luk Def Res
10% 10% 15% 15% 10% 10% 0%


Nomah is for the most part a terrible unit. He has good Skill and Resistance, but given the fact that magic users hit rates are not affected by Skill, it is somewhat wasted (it still boosts his critical rate though). Although his Speed is low, it is still generally on par with Boey's, if not somewhat better. The main problem is his low Defense and Luck of 1. However, unlike Mycen, Nomah can increase in Luck. This makes him a semi-glass cannon, as he can deal a fair amount of damage, but receive a good amount of damage as well.

He joins knowing Excalibur and Recover, which are both useful spells, Excalibur for the high critical rate and he can also restore HP with Recover.

It is pretty hard to raise Boey, so he will likely be your only Sage for Celica's story and will be a valuable asset for most of Chapter 4. Given his low stats and growths, it is recommended that you do not use him for Chapter 5.


Base StatsEdit

Starting Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Move
Sage 15 52 7 29+7 35 24 7 19 31 6
Skill Weapon Starting Items
Magic +2Magic +2
MagiccryiconRally Magic
Renewal (FE13)Renewal
TomeIconFE13Tome - B
StaffIconFE13Staff - B
Bolganone FE13 IconBolganone*
Recover FE13Recover*

*Enemy only, joins unequipped


A Nomah is a Sage or Bishop that appears late in the game as a replacement for any unpromoted Curates or Clerics. They are practically weaker than they are if they are promoted, and only good for emergencies. In 6, this is particularly stressed, as Jodel, considered to be the Nomah of the game, is one of the only recruitable users of Light Magic in that game.

List of NomahsEdit

There are others who are considered Nomahs, but this is the generally agreed upon list.


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