A number of locations, characters, and weapons in the Fire Emblem series borrow from Norse mythology.


  • Blaggi (FE4/5) altered name for Bragi, god of poetry
  • Ulir (FE4/5) altered name of Ullr, a Norse god associated with Bows
  • Nanna (FE4/5) goddess and consort of Baldr
  • Idunn (FE6) altered name of Iðunn, goddess associated with apples and youth
  • Mist (FE9/10) is named after one of the Valkyries
  • Frey (FE11/12) is named after a Vanir god
  • Norne (FE11/12) is named after a group of witches, the Norns
  • Ymir (FE11/12) is named after a Frost giant


  • Ragnarok (FE2/14) the Norse end of the world.
  • Gungnir (FE4) is named after Odin's spear.
  • Thorhammer (FE4) Referring to the hammer in the hands of Thor, the Norse god of thunder.
  • Tyrhung (FE4) also known as Tyrfing, a magic sword in Norse mythology.
  • Yotsmungand (FE4/5) is an altered name for Jörmungand, the World Serpent and son of Loki.
  • Loptyr (FE4) is an alternate name for Loki, a Norse god.
  • Hell (FE4/5) also translated as Hel, a goddess and location for the dead.
  • Fimbulvetr (FE6/7/8/14) altered name of Fimbulwinter, a harsh winter to exterminate life; prelude to Ragnarök.
  • Fenrir (FE7/8/10) is named after a great Wolf.
  • Nidhogg (FE8) A Serpent that eats the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil.
  • Gleipnir (FE8) is named after a fetter.
  • Garm (FE8) is named after another wolf.
  • Naglfar (FE8) Naglfar is a ship made of the nails of the dead.


  • Edda (FE4/5) Edda refers to the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda, books acting as the main source of old Norse mythology


  • The Valkyrie class is named after a group of Norse battle-maidens
  • The Berserker class is named after a type of Viking warrior

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