“What next, child of fate? You slipped my grasp at the border, but now you run straight to my snare. Despite the bungling of that useless Berkut… Tsk, no matter. All will be mine soon enough. I’ll not let the likes of Jedah claim a bearer of the Brand. The power of such a soul could grant me life eternal!”

Nuibaba (ヌイババ) is an enemy character from Fire Emblem Gaiden. A dreaded arcanist who has recently allied with the Duma Faithful, she is known as the mistress of Fear Mountain who sold her soul for the power of Medusa. She is 124 years old according to internal data for Echoes.

Profile Edit

Nuibaba lives on Fear Mountain in a special abode near its peak. A servant to Medusa, Nuibaba has kidnapped numerous beautiful Rigelian women for several years, sacrificing them to her god in exchange for longevity and youthful beauty. Her latest kidnaped maiden is a young girl named Tatiana, whom not only did she plan on sacrificing to her god, but also was kept captive as a means to force Zeke into fighting for the Rigelian army alongside Jerome. She can be ultimately defeated by Alm and his forces, thus ending her machinations as well as freeing Tatiana and ultimately allowing Zeke to betray Jerome.

Nuibaba's role is expanded in the remake. As Alm's forces approach the western sluice gate in Act 3, she appeals to Berkut with an offer of aid as he seeks to redeem himself in the eyes of Emperor Rudolf. Berkut rejects Nuibaba's direct assistance, but she gives him a special mirror that he is to shatter in a time of desperation, an act he would eventually do.

While it is not clear if she is a Duma faithful, she is allied with Jedah. However, she did not plan on ever handing over either Alm or Celica if she ever captured them. Instead, she planned on sacrificing them to Medusa, believing that the power of their brands would grant her everlasting beauty and true immortality.


Fire Emblem Gaiden Edit


Starting Class
Sorcerer FE2 Map IconArcanist
Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov
10 40 12 7 8 0 9 8 4
Magic Starting Items


Magic Ring

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Edit

Stats Edit


“Come close... Let me share with you death's embrace!”
—Battle quote in Echoes


  • "Now sleep!"
  • giggles*
  • "Excited yet?!"
  • "I think not!"

Death QuoteEdit

“Ahhhh... It cannot be... I won't be...”
—Death quote in Echoes


When translated from Japanese, "baba" or "婆" can translate as "old woman" or more crudely, "hag."

Trivia Edit

  • Nuibaba's gender was unspecified in the Japanese script for Gaiden, though in some fan translations the character was referred to as male. However, in Fire Emblem Echoes, Nuibaba is established as female.
    • Furthermore, Nuibaba's physical appearance also changed drastically between her original appearance and the remake. In Gaiden, she appears in a heavy cloak, with wrinkled skin that appears snake-like. In Echoes, she has a more youthful appearance, the snake-like traits are exchanged for horns and pointed ears, and her attire is more revealing. Also, while both versions hide one eye from view, in Gaiden, one eye is obscured by her cloak, while in Echoes, she wears a partial mask over her face.
  • Nuibaba was an Arcanist in the original game, but changed to a Witch in the remake.
  • Unlike the other named Witches, Arcanists, and Cantors, Nuibaba got her power from selling her soul to Medusa rather than Duma or being sacrificed by someone else. This is reflected further in Echoes, as Nuibaba's skintone and eyes are noticeably different from the Duma Faithful.
  • Nuibaba shares her English voice actress, Cindy Robinson, with Awakening's Libra and Aversa.
  • In Echoes, Nuibaba's motivations seems to be an allusion to Elizabeth "the Blood Countess" Báthory, a Hungarian noblewoman accused of having killed thousands of young women to bathe in their blood and keep herself young.
  • The statue in the Altar of the Sorceress DLC bears a resemblance to Nuibaba.
  • In the Gaiden novelization, Nuibaba is male. He is killed by Zeke during the duel between Nuibaba and Alm.


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