• "My name is Oboro. I'm a spear fighter from Hoshido—and a pretty great tailor, if I say so myself!"


  • "I'm curious what the fashions are like in this realm. Let's go find a tailor shop or clothing store sometime!"
  • "I heard you're not equipped to enter battle. No problem. I'll use my lance to protect you. Need to keep you safe!"
  • "I'm Lord Takumi's retainer. He's so strong, beautiful, noble... *sigh* Couldn't be happier to serve him."
  • "So you were summoned here suddenly too? I bet you don't have a change of clothes. I'll make you something!"
  • "Good thing you wear white. I grew up hating dark clothing. Like, really, really hating! So if you ever catch me making a scary face, that's probably what's on my mind."
  • “Oh, I really like your style! By any chance, are you Summoner? I’m here to say hello from Friend!” (Greeting from friend)
  • "Oh, is something wrong, Summoner? You haven't ruined your nice clothes, have you? Or ripped a stitch? Or spilled soup on yourself? Oh, I'm only kidding. I know you come around for more than my needle and thread. You know, I do like it when I see you in your nice, clean uniform. It's so dapper! I like it even more when you don't get blood all over it—means you've come back safe from battle! Clothes can always be replaced, but you're one of a kind. I just couldn't do without you. So I promise to always protect you...and to help you keep your uniform in top shape!" (Upon reaching level 40)

Info screenEdit

  • *laughs*
  • "You will not believe the scary face I make when I get really, really angry."
  • "The clothing you and your friends wear here is very stylish! Impressed!"
  • "I'm particular about my clothes, but when it's time to fight I get dressed in a flash"
  • "Oh? Did you need something?"
  • "I love to make clothing when I'm off duty, so I'd kill for some good fabric. Have any?"
  • "Oh, Lord Takumi... Where are you? I should be with you."
  • "I'd like to keep my stitching abilities in top shape, so I'll mend everyone's clothing after battle!"


  • "Ready."
  • "Do my best."
  • "Okay!"

Level upEdit

  • "Now that makes a statement!" (5-6 stats up)
  • "One step at a time!" (3-4 stats up)
  • "Sorry. That didn't make me look very good." (1-2 stats up)
  • "For all my talk of fashion, it's what's inside that counts." (New skill learned)


  • "Oh that's it!"
  • "You're gonna need stitches!"
  • "I'll tear a hole in you!"
  • "Comin' through!"


  • "What.."

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