“Worried about his legacy, you mean. Did you know that Grandfather named me his successor the day after Uncle Andre died? His son was just killed, and all he could think about was who to replace him with.”
—Rishel talking about Octavas

Octavas (オクトバス Okutobasu, fan translated as Octavus) is a background character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He was a priest from Salia, the Sage of Fire, and one of the Four Sages who was among the Twelve Heroes in the Leda Liberation War. He was the father of Andre, Rose, Clarice, and Liza, as well as the grandfather of Renee, Rishel, Meriah, Verna, Mahter, Frau, Holmes, and Sasha. Prior to the game's events, he was killed by Gwenchaos with the forbidden ★Zahhak spell.

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