• "I am Odin Dark. Mage of Nohr! Twilight traveler! Infinite enigma! (And, hey, all-around nice guy.)"


  • "I serve Leo! Lord of Nohr. Prince of darkness. Man of umbral moods. (And a pretty awesome guy!)"
  • "I specialize in probing beyond the ordinary words for weapons to find their true names of power! Missiletainn is the greatest such name I have ever known. I will give thought to what your weapon's true name is."
  • "You, who purifies evil! Who purges malevolence! Slumber if you tire. (Basically, take breaks, OK?)"
  • "Ah, friend of this force! Your order needs Heroes to face a grave threat. Well, Odin Dark is up to the task!"
  • "This place! Oh, is forbidden rooms! Legendary weapons! Wondrous things! (Tons of stuff. So exciting!)"
  • "A friend of yours sent me with a missive of massive import. Now, Summoner says... Hi." (Greeting from friend)
  • "Ha! My third eye told me you would appear in this holy shrine to heroism and warfare. I would speak with the anointed champion, plucked by fate from— Wait, come back! Don't leave! I just wanted to say I knew I'd run into you if I waited here. I actually need to talk with you. I feel like we've gotten real close, and I don't want to keep secrets from you. I must therefore reveal that I am NOT Odin at all but a warrior of hope from another time...Owain! Yeah, yeah, enough with the theatrics... But let me tell you this: I have not and will not lie to you." (Upon reaching level 40)

Info screenEdit

  • "You have my infinite gratitude for watching over me!"
  • "Odin will always do his darkest to assist you."
  • "Hey, you should have some big lines to say when summoning. Look, I'll think some up for you."
  • *laughs*
  • "Where is my excellent Lord Leo? I ought to be by his side!"
  • "Your divine weapon's name is Breidablik? Oh, who am I kidding: how cool is that!?"
  • "Odin Dark never fathomed he would find himself in a place like this..."
  • "Summoner? Order of Heroes? You bask in the light of some powerful words, friend!"


  • "Okay!"
  • "Alright!"
  • "So excited!"

Level upEdit

  • "Yes! My true power awakens further!" (5-6 stats up)
  • "My hidden potential hides less and less each day!" (3-4 stats up)
  • "What?! Has some foul influence leeched my growing power?" (1-2 stats up)
  • "Oh, architect of my excellence! (Thanks for the bump, buddy!)" (new skill learned)


  • "Eldritch Smackdown!"
  • "Overdoing it--as usual!"
  • "Power... Overflowing!"
  • "You can't hide from me!"


  • "So dark..."

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