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Ouro (ウォロー Uorō) is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. A mercenary reknowned across the land for his skill with a blade.

In Game Edit

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Overview Edit

Ouro is a powerful character at base, that is certain, but ends up weaker than trained Faye. Their skills are similar, but Plunder is nigh worthless due to how little money it gives, and Deathmatch gets trumped by Astra and Critical Hit when it comes to killing enemies in one round. Futhermore, Faye has some good personal weapons and she can promote, unlike Ouro. Still, Ouro is useful early on, when his high stats, and serviceable growths allow him to serve as a crutch, but Faye is just better for the endgame.


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