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Generation 2

Chapter 7: Passing the Desert

Notes: Names in italics may also refer to the character’s replacement. Example: Ulster, what’re you so freaked out about? Here, the name would be Roddlevan if Ayra didn’t have children.




Leif: “Finn, how are we doing? Have you heard from the advance party?”

Finn: “No, I haven’t. I’m afraid no one survived the Alster raid… Prince Leif, we’ve lost our entire fighting force.”

Leif: “That can’t be… All along I thought we had a chance here. Grr! I’ll take that Bloom on myself if I have to!”

Finn: “Prince Leif, calm down. We’re not through yet. Lewyn is sending Sir Seliph’s liberation army our way. We must hold out till they arrive.”

Leif: “The Imperial Prince Seliph… They say he’s the son of my father’s good friend Sir Sigurd and Empress Deirdre. I must meet him… If we team up, there still may be hope for the oppressed masses.”

Nanna: “That’s right! Besides, if we lost you now, everything the troops fought and died for would be lost too. We should abandon this castle at once and go find cover west of here near the church.”

Leif: “Yeah… That may just be our only option right now. Alright. We need to hold out as long as we can. At least until Prince Seliph arrives…”


Bloom: “Now what? Why can’t you take that small castle? Are you putting in any effort out there!?”

General: “Yes sir! However, we are having great difficulties breaking their line of defense.”

Bloom: “I don’t want to hear it! You capture Leonster Castle, and you do it now! Isaach’s rebel army is going to be here before you know it!”

General: “Yes sir! We will carry out our raid immediately, sir!”

(The Yied Shrine, we see Patty in the entrance)

Patty: “Boy, that place was loaded just like everyone said! This is the best haul I’ve had in months! But this isn’t the time to be takin’ in the view. I’ve got to get a move on!”

(Patty leaves the shrine, Shanan follows her)

Shanan: “Hey, hold up a second! I don’t care about anything except the sword. Now hand it over.”

Patty: “Forget it! You think you can just freeload off my hard work!? This sword wasn’t that easy to come by. If you want it, you just try and get it!”

Shanan: “Hey, wait!”

(Inside the Yied Shrine)

Ctuzof: “The treasure hall has been raided by thieves? They got the Balmung!? Well, what are you doing here? Get after them!”

Dark mage: “But Ctuzof… Shouldn’t you be able to stop them in their tracks with your black magic?”

Ctuzof: “My Book of Fenrir is missing. I have some men looking for it, but it has yet to turn up.”

Dark mage: “I see… Well, I’ll take my squad and a few mercenaries to go in pursuit then. Ctuzof… rest assured we will recover the stolen goods.”


Seliph: “We have this huge desert to cross before we reach Leonster?”

Lewyn: “That’s right. And with the Yied Shrine falling under the Loptyr Sect’s jurisdiction, the desert is crawling with dark mages who’ll attack without any provocation. It’s no wonder people now refer to the Yied Desert as the desert of death.”

Seliph: “That’s got to make it tough for travelers. There must be some way to capture Yied Shrine…”

Lewyn: “Hmph… I thought you’d say that. There is a way, but it’ll involve some great sacrifices.”

Seliph: “I’m prepared for that. There’s no other way around this. And Shanan’s still out there, too. Let’s just focus on gaining control of Yied. Everything else’ll start from there!”

Turn 2 – Enemy Phase


Soldier: “Sir, Isaach’s rebel army has began to move.”

Bramsel: “Rebel army? Oh… that little brat Seliph, huh? Heh, heh… wonderful! There’s a nice bounty on that boy. Let’s see to it that we are the ones who bring him in. Keep the border secure for now. Their fatigue will mark the moment of opportunity! You tell Commander Javarro to be on the alert!”

(Somewhere else in Darna)

Leen: “What’s all the commotion? Are we going to war or something?”

Ares: “No, they’re just getting ready for the Isaach’s rebel army.”

Leen: “Whew… that’s a relief. For a second there I thought you had to go to battle.”

Ares: “If war breaks out, I will go. All mercenaries will. Besides, I heard that Sigurd’s son is commanding the rebels. Sigurd was the sworn enemy of my father. His boy is as good as dead if I get my hands on him.”

Leen: “Hahaha… you just don’t let up, do you? Your father and that Sigurd guy were both knights. Well, their job was killing people. Am I right? Sometimes I have to dance for disgusting men, but that’s a part of my job! We do what we do to survive! So don’t hold a grudge over someone else’s livelihood.”

Ares: “…You’ve got a good point, Leen. I’m just in a difficult position, that’s all.”

Talking to One of the Guards Blocking the Path to Darna Guard:

“We’re under orders from Bramsel not to let anyone pass. Now be on your way.”

Turn 12 – Enemy Phase (If the Yied Shrine Is Not Conquered)

(Yied Shrine)

Dark mage: “Ctuzof, the Book of Fenrir has been located.”

Ctuzof: “It has? Wonderful! Heh heh… this shall mark the end of the rebels! Now to unleash the devastating power of Fenrir!”

(Conquering the Yied Shrine)

Seliph: “Geez… Yied Shrine is in ruins!”

Lewyn: “For ages, descendants of the Loptyr Empire lived in hiding underneath the shrine. They had no choice. They would’ve been persecuted and burned at the stake otherwise. I doubt they differed much from you or I at first, but over time the ways of evil took root.”

Seliph: “It’s like they’re being punished just because their ancestors were a part of the empire! And people are always calling them the ‘family of the devil’ and whatnot. …is this is a child’s handwriting on this wall? It’s a prayer for the Dark Lord’s revival… …Is Loptyr the only god they have?”

Lewyn: “Yeah… You have to be careful when placing labels on good and evil, Seliph. Never waste your anger on individuals. Always focus it on the evil within all of us.”

(End of phase, Darna)

Bramsel: “Yied has fallen? Heh, heh… How convenient. Go ahead and open the border! We’ll usher them onto the narrow road to Melgen and strike from behind when they least expect it! Heh, heh… This is child’s play. Isn’t that right, Javarro?”

Javarro: “You never want to face the enemy up front, do you, Bramsel… Well, I guess I can’t complain. We’ll show you what mercenaries’ll do for gold.”


Ishtore: “Yied has fallen to the rebel army? Liza, what do you make of this?”

Liza: “It would appear that their intention is to provide backup to Leonster. We definitely can’t let their army get through to Alster… Your father’s so preoccupied with recapturing Leonster, he would never see them coming! I think we need to take our entire military and lay in a course to intercept.”

Ishtore: “Yeah, anything to keep them out of Alster. Liza, can I have you command the troops into battle?”

Liza: “Yes, of course!”

Ishtore: “Forgive me, Liza. I’d keep you from danger if I could, but you’re the only one I can trust.”

Liza: “Ishtore, I’ll be fine. I consider it an honour to go. I just want you to be safe. Farewell, Ishtore. Okay, troops! Take your positions!”

(End of next Player Phase, Darna)

Bramsel: “Hohoho… That was a lovely dance! Leen, come here. I have something for you.”

Leen: “Forget it! You come over here if you’ve got something so special.”

Bramsel: “Heh, heh… I like them feisty, but her obstinacy I can do without. Bring her to me!”

Leen: “L..let go of me! You freaks!!”

Ares: “Stop right there! Take your hands off her right now!”

Bramsel: “Who the hell are you!? You worthless mercenary… How dare you challenge me!”

Ares: “No one lays a hand on her. You got it?”

Bramsel: “How dare you speak to me like that! Somebody, get him!!”

Ares: “Who of you doesn’t recognise this sword? I must warn you the Mystletainn craves blood! So who wants to be its first victim?”

Bramsel: “That’s… the Demon Mystletainn? You’re Ares, the Black Knight!?”

Ares: “Yeah, that’s me.”

Bramsel: “Ulp… forgive me! I was merely having a little fun! Look, I’ll never lay a hand on her again!”

Ares: “Leen, you okay?”

Leen: “Yeah, I guess so. Thanks, Ares…”

Bramsel: “Grr! They’re going to wish they were never born!”

(Conquering Melgen) 

Lewyn: “Seliph, you’ve made it to Melgen. Leonster is just up ahead.”

Seliph: “Lewyn, is this war ever going to end? I have a hard time believing Prince Ishtore or his general were bad people…”

Lewyn: “Yeah, but don’t forget that they both supported a ruthless tyrannical leader. They were without a doubt the enemy in this scenario. Seliph, this is war! It’s not just about hatred or resentment.”

Seliph: “…Yeah, I suppose.”

Lewyn: “Haha! You’ve got a good heart, Seliph. You just need to learn to let go sometimes. We’ve got a rescue mission in Leonster we need to focus on.”

Seliph: “Yeah, that’s right. We’d better start heading in that direction.”

(End of phase, Darna)

Bramsel: “Melgen has fallen? Damn it, we should’ve acted quicker! We need to move before they gear up again. Commander Javarro, it’s time. Take them from behind. I want them dead… all of them!!”

Javarro: “Yes sir!”

(Another place in Darna)

Leen: “Why do you have to go, Ares? Please don’t… I’m beggin’ you!”

Ares: “I have to go. Javarro basically raised me from day one. I owe him that.”

Leen: “He’s just usin’ you. I… I just hate him so much!”

Ares: “Leen, you have to understand that…”

Leen: “I don’t care anymore! Don’t talk to me. You just do whatever you please! Just forget we ever met!”

Ares: “Leen…”

(Ares leaves with Javarro, another place in Darna)

Bramsel: “Ares left, did he? Heh heh heh…”


Bloom: “Vampa, Fetra, Eliu! I want you to take out the enemy. You show them what you’re capable of!”

Vampa: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Fetra: “We won’t let you down, Your Majesty.”

Eliu: “We will eradicate the rebel army quickly and efficiently!”

Bloom: “I’m counting on you girls!” Tinny, you’ll fight for me, won’t you?"

Tinny: “…If that’s what you wish.”

Bloom: “Hmph… And to think I raised you as my own when your mother passed away. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten all I’ve done for you!”

Tinny: “Of course not, sir.”

Bloom: “Then get going. Those horrible people killed both my son and his sweetheart Liza. YOU are to avenge their deaths!”

(Enemy Phase)

Bloom: “The rest of you, get out there and fight! I want them all dead!!”

(Vampa’s army)

Vampa: “Fetra and Eliu, we need to work together, so stay close. Seliph is ours. We can’t let Tinny‘s unit show us up!”

Tinny: “The villagers all think they’re an army of liberators, but why did they have to kill Ishtore? Oh, I don’t know what to do. Mother… I wish you were here…”

(Player Phase, Darna)

Bramsel: “You did a fine job of making me look like a fool the other day!”

Leen: “So what’re you gonna do about it? Look at you acting so tough now that Ares isn’t around! You sick old man! You’d better just stay away from me!”

Bramsel: “You insolent little bitch! You will regret this day… Throw her in the dungeon!”

Leen: “No! Ares…”


Javarro: “Ares, why would you of all people get wrapped up in a girl like that? Well, it’s all behind us now, so I suppose we can let it rest.”

Ares: “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Javarro: “Heheh… Well, right about now I’d imagine Bramsel is…”

Ares: “How could… How could you know that and not tell me, Javarro!?”

Javarro: “Stay out of relationships, Ares. You can have your fun with them, but leave it at that!”

Ares: “I see I’ve greatly misjudged you… I’m going back to Darna to get Leen!"

Javarro: “I don’t think so, Ares. You know I don’t take kindly to those who disobey my orders. And that goes for you, too!”

Ares: “I know we’ve been through a lot together, Javarro, but I’m cutting our ties here and now! Anyone who tries to stop me can make acquaintance with the Mystletainn!”

Javarro: “You little ingrate! Don’t push me, Ares!!”

(Arthur talks with Tinny)

Arthur: “Hold up a second. Where’d you get that pendant?”

Tinny: “This? It was my mother’s.”

Arthur: “You’re Tinny! I’ve finally found you!”

Tinny: “Huh? Who are you?”

Arthur: “Look, I have a pendant just like yours. I’ve been wearing it my whole life!”

Tinny: “Wow, they are the same… What is this all about?”

Arthur: “Well, my mother fought with the liberation army. After the war we all fled to Silesse. But my mother and baby sister were taken from me, and this pendant is all I have left of her. I found out just recently that it was King Bloom who took them from me. I also found out that my mother had passed away but that my sister was still alive! YOU are my sister! I’ve come all the way from Silesse for you!”

Tinny: “Bloom did all that!? I had no idea. I don’t remember much of my mother. But I do remember that she always seemed so sad… You really are my brother, huh… This is all too much!”

Arthur: “Tinny, would you care to join our side? There’s so much we need to talk about.”

Tinny: “Sure. I didn’t really want to fight any of you anyway.”

S(ecret event with Tristan and Roddlevan)


Roddlevan: “Hey, Tristan. I got something to ask ya.”

Tristan: “Oh… it’s you. What?”

Roddlevan: “Hey, show a guy a little respect, would ya? Anyway, I was just thinking. Do you think we’re holding Sir Seliph back any?”

Tristan: “We? Don’t you mean YOU? I’m holding up my own out here.”

Roddlevan: “Is that so? Alright, let me hear what you’ve done so far.”

Tristan: “Ah, well… You know, I’ve… um…”

Roddlevan: “See there? That’s just what I’m saying. You can’t think of anything, can ya?”

Tristan: “Alright, alright! So what’s your point?”

Roddlevan: “Let’s get a little dueling practice in. I want to move up to the front line! I doubt I’d learn a whole lot from you, but I’ll do anything to avoid getting castle duty!”

Tristan: “You know you’ve got a real crappy way of asking someone a favor? Just forget it.”

Roddlevan: “Oh, c’mon! Look… Would you pretty please be my sparring partner with sugar on top? How about that!?”

Tristan: “Where the hell do you get off!? Okay, I’ll fight you… only to shut you up! You ready?”

(They start fighting)

Roddlevan: “…Heyah!”

Tristan: “…Yaaa!”

(Conquering Darna)

Seliph: “So this is Darna…”

Lewyn: “Yeah, this was the location of the liberation army’s fortress during the Holy War. The empire’s military was crushing the liberation army on all fronts. The few soldiers that remained barricaded themselves in the fortress to tend their wounds. As they regrouped for what they believed was to be their last battle, a miracle occurred. Gods decended from the heavens and granted miraculous weapons and powers upon 12 young soldiers. The soldiers came to be known as the 12 Crusaders as they led the liberation army back into battle.”

Seliph: “That was the Miracle of Darna Fortress, wasn’t it?”

Lewyn: “Yep, that’s right. And now another miracle is taking place, Seliph. The Crusaders are once again beginning to emerge in the face of Loptyr’s revival.”

Seliph: “…Huh?”

Lewyn: “Hahaha… You’ll know what I mean someday.”

(Where Ares is)

Ares: “I hope Leen“ is still alright. I’ve got to hurry!"

(Ares enters Darna)

Ares: “Leen! Where are you!?”

Leen: “Ares…”

Ares: “Leen, are you alright?”

Leen: “…I wish I could say so. Fortunately someone from the liberation army rescued me.”

Ares: “Forgive me. I… this is all my fault. I should’ve listened to you.”

Leen: “…Forget about it. I’m just glad you came back, Ares.”

Ares: “I promise it won’t happen again.”

Leen: “…And I promise to keep my mouth shut when I get angry. Don’t ever leave me!”

(Conquering Leonster)

Seliph: “Good, we got Leonster Castle back. Now on to Alster. Okay, everybody. Hang tight and stay focused!”

(Daisy Waits Next to Shanan After Bloom Is Defeated)


Daisy: “Guess who!”

Shanan: “Ahh!”

Daisy: “Ha… HAHAHA! I scared ya, didn’t I!?”

Shanan: “D, Daisy! I nearly took a swing at you! Quit playing around, alright!?”

Daisy: “But I’m bored. And I’m too weak to fight anybody.”

Shanan: “I’ll teach you how to use that sword then. I don’t have much time, so I’ll keep it real simple.”

Daisy: “Wow! My own private lesson with Shanan! Wheee!”

Shanan: “You’d better take this seriously, or you can just forget it!”

Daisy: “Ulp… sorry.”

Shanan: “Okay. First, let’s begin with posture. You’ll want to… Hey! Are you listening to me!?”

Daisy: “Sigh… Hmm?”

(Conquering Alster) (If You Lost Julia)

Seliph: “Julia!? Oh my god! You’re alright!”

Julia: “Yes, I’m fine. They locked me up in this castle, but I knew you’d come for me.”

(Conquering Alster)

Lewyn: “Well done, Seliph. Alster’s finally been liberated.”

Seliph: “Yeah, but it looks like King Bloom slipped off to Conote.”

Lewyn: “Well, that’s the way it goes sometimes, Seliph. This war isn’t over, you know. We’ve only just gained a foothold in the Thracian Peninsula.”

Seliph: “But we have the total support of the people! They’re always so happy to see us!”

Lewyn: “That just goes to show how harsh the empire’s rule has been on them. The people are counting on you, Seliph. But I think the worst is still ahead of us.”

Seliph: “Yeah, maybe so. But I’m surrounded with so much talent! I can’t imagine any obstacle being too great for us.”

Lewyn: “Yeah, the sky’s the limit, Seliph.”

(Village near Darna)

Villager: “Count Bramsel over there at Darna Castle is the worst! He prances around like some king, as long as there’s no Grannvale official’s butt to kiss. Oh, how I wish somebody would put that disgusting man out of his misery!”

Older Villager: “However, Bramsel’s mercenary knights are a tough bunch. Especially that Ares. I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley. He’s still young for a knight, but he has this magical sword called the Mystletainn. The story goes that Commander Javarro found Ares as a child. Sounds like the two are very close. Anyhow, you wouldn’t stand a chance against Ares on the battlefield. Not to dash your hopes or anything. Here, this Shield Ring may be of some use to ya.”

(Villages near Leonster)

Villager: “Ahhh, the liberation army. I see Prince Leif finally took a stand. Quan… Ethlin… You should be proud of your son. Here, I’d like you to have this Speed Ring.”

Villager: “We have had all we can take of the empire’s rule… Please save us!”

Villager: “King Bloom subjugated this entire area just after the last war. He’s a horrible ruler. And to top that off, he’s now conducting child hunts! We have had all we can take of that man!”

Villager: “King Bloom and Queen Hilda have two children named Ishtore and Ishtar. Bloom’s got Ishtar at Manster and Ishtore at Melgen. They’re both decent kids unlike their father. I’m sure you’ll be facing them on the battlefield in due course, so keep your guard up!”

Villager: “Bloom has some fierce warriors backing him up. There’s the 3 sisters, Vampa, Fetra, and Eliu, and also a mage named Tinny. But Tinny has a good heart… even if she is Bloom’s niece. She’s helped us out on numerous occasions… Yep, she’s just not like the rest of them.” 

(Laylea Visits a Certain Village Near Leonster) (Anna’s Present)

Anna: “My boyfriend left to join the war. I’d guess you’re fighting for someone you care for, too. I wish I was strong like you. All I can do is sit back and wait. Oh, here. I have something for you. This holy sword will increase your resistance. Get in a few swings for me, will you?”

Laylea: “Thank you, I’ll do my best. By the way, what’s your name?”

Anna: “Me? I’m Anna and my boyfriend’s name is Jake. If you run across him you tell him I’m thinking about him…”

Laylea: “Jake… Got it.”


(Shanan with Patty)

Patty: “Hey, stop it! Get your hands off me!”

Shanan: “Look, I’m not going to hurt you! Just return that sword to me.”

Patty: “Huh… what do you mean? Is this sword yours?”

Shanan: “Yes, it’s been in my family for generations. It’s the Divine Balmung. I’m the only one who can use it anyway, so there’s really no point in you keeping it.”

Patty: “Then what was this Holy thingamajig doing in Yied?”

Shanan: “It was taken off my father. He was killed during Isaach’s war with Grannvale. I just found out recently that it was being kept here, so I came to get it back.”

Patty: “Hey! You’re not Prince Shanan of Isaach, are ya?”

Shanan: “…Yes, I am.”

Patty: “Whoa! Really!? Oh my gosh… I can’t believe it!”

Shanan: “…”

Patty: “I have been an admirer for so long! I always dreamed of meeting you, but never did I…”

Shanan: “Ahem…”

Patty: “I just can’t believe it! I” must be dreaming!"

Shanan: “…Alright already. The sword, please.”

Patty: “Oh, sorry! Here you are.”

Shanan: “The Balmung… I finally have you now. This sword has… ah, woaahhh! The power!”

Patty: “…This is all too much!”

(Oifey with Delmud) 

Oifey: “Delmud, I heard you have a sister in Leonster.”

Delmud: “Yes, we got separated a long time ago. I heard she’s with a knight of Leonster named Finn.”

Oifey: “Oh… Finn. I bet you can’t wait to see her again.”

Delmud: “You got that right!”

Oifey: “Well, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Here, I’ll give you some tips on using that sword.”

Delmud: “Wow, that’d be great!”

(Seliph with Shanan) 

Seliph: “Shanan! You’re alright!”

Shanan: “Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry to worry you. I heard you took back Isaach while I was gone. I can’t thank you enough, Seliph.”

Seliph: “You were the one who gave us the courage to fight in the first place!”

Shanan: “Hey Seliph, you’re getting some muscle on you. You’d be just about…”

Seliph: “What’s that, Shanan?”

Shanan: “…Huh? Ah, nothing. Never mind, Seliph.”

Seliph: “Well, anyway… Shanan, I’m going to take on the empire!”

Shanan: “Haha… That’s great, Seliph. I’ve been waiting for this day to come, too.”

Seliph: “Well, I better get going. I’ll see you later, Shanan!”

(Larcei with Shanan)

Larcei: “Prince Shanan! I’m so glad you’re okay!”

Shanan: “Larcei, I’m sorry I couldn’t be around. Sounds like you all had your work cut out for you.”

Larcei: “I’m just relieved that you’re not hurt. I…”

Shanan: “How’s your attack coming along?”

Larcei: “Oh, I’m a long way off from where you’re at.”

Shanan: “You’re just lacking power in your swing. Put a little spirit behind it. Here… watch me.”

Larcei: “Alright. How am I now?”

(Patty with Seliph)

Patty: “Wow, it’s Sir Seliph!”

Seliph: “Huh? And who are you?”

Patty: “I’m Patty, Shanan’s girlfriend.”

Seliph: “You’re Shanan’s girlfriend? Yeah, right.”

Patty: “Ulp… you got me. I used to be a thief, but I’ve given that all up. So I’m here to help you guys out now.”

Seliph: “You can’t be serious. This is an army. It’s no place for you.”

Patty: “You sure about that? You guys have no money, right? But you gotta have money to fight. That’s where I come in. I can get you all the money you need!”

Seliph: “Yeah, but we don’t want your money if it’s stolen.”

Patty: “Sir, where do you think the imperial troops get all their gold? They steal it from the villagers! I’m just tryin’ to take it back from them! …What’s so wrong with that!?”

Seliph: “…I’m sorry, Patty. You’ve got a good point.”

Patty: “Sniff…”

Seliph: “Patty, I think we can make room for you.”

Patty: “Hm? Really??”

Seliph: “Yeah, I think so.”

Patty: “I promise I’ll work as hard as anybody else! Here, I’ll give you this sword as a token of our friendship.”

Seliph: “Wow, that’s a nice blade!”

Patty: “It’s a Hero Sword… just for you!”

(Leif with Seliph) 

Leif: “Sir Seliph, it is an honor to make your acquaintance. I am the son of King Quan of Leonster.”

Seliph: “Prince Leif, it’s great to finally meet you. I’m glad to see you’re not hurt.”

Leif: “…I lost both my parents in the Battle of Belhalla to a surprise Thracian attack. Following that Leonster was seized by the Imperial Guard under Duke Bloom. Finn kept me out of harm’s way. We sought shelter in a nearby village and waited for the day to liberate the motherland. The timing felt right, so we rose up. However…”

Seliph: “We both took up arms about the same time. We’ve all heard of King Bloom’s bloody rule. I just wish we could’ve made it here sooner…”

Leif: “No, sir. I take full responsibility for our failure. However, I have every intention of living up to my father’s good name. He had earned the distinction that comes with being a Knight of Noba. With all due respect, would you consider including us in your liberation effort? With what little I have to offer I hope to assist in Grannvale’s return to glory.”

Seliph: “Thank you, Prince Leif. People often say our fathers were two good friends who shared identical fates. And your mother was my aunt… …They both gave their lives while trying to help to my father. Prince Leif, I can’t begin to express my sorrow to you.”

Leif: “I’m very proud of my parents, sir. And I greatly admire your father for all he did. It’s Emperor Arvis and King Travant that I detest!!”

Seliph: “That’s exactly how I feel. I just want to respect our father’s dying wishes and return peace to the land. Do join us, Prince Leif.”

Leif: “With all honor!”

(Delmud with Nanna)

Delmud: “Is your name by any chance Nanna?”

Nanna: “Yeah. And who are you?”

Delmud: “Yes! I found you! I’m Delmud, your brother!”

Nanna: “Huh? Is this some kind of joke?”

Delmud: “Here, let me explain everything Lewyn told me. During the last war all us kids fled to Isaach. But then our mother, Raquesis, brought you here to Leonster just after you were born.”

Nanna: “If you’re my brother, then where is she now?”

Delmud: “You mean our mother?”

Nanna: “She left me when I was around 3 to meet up with you in Isaach, but she never came back. I’ve waited for her to come home ever since…”

Delmud: “Mother came for me? But… but I never saw her!”

Nanna: “Oh, no! What could’ve happened to her…”

Delmud: “Well, first of all Yied Desert is no place for anyone to be traveling alone.”

Nanna: “Oh, no… Poor mother!”

(Tristan with Janne)

Tristan: “Is your name by any chance Janne?”

Janne: “Yeah, it is. Who are you?”

Tristan: “Yes! I found you! I’m Tristan, your brother!”

Janne: “Huh? You’re kidding, right?”

Tristan: “No, I’m not! Our father was a knight of the Nordion Kingdom. He died in battle during the upheaval in Agustria. You and I were still pretty young then. Sir Sigurd’s army ended up taking us in, but we lost track of you while fleeing to Isaach.”

Janne: “Wow, that actually makes sense. I was picked up by a traveling merchant in Isaach.”

Tristan: “I’d say he saved your life.”

Janne: “But he was murdered by an imperial soldier. I was 7 at the time. And then Finn took me in."

Tristan: “Geez, I’m so sorry you had to go through all that, Janne.”

Janne: “That’s okay. I’m just happy to have a brother! Tristan, we must make certain we never get separated again!”

(Ares with Seliph)

Ares: “You must be Seliph.”

Seliph: “Hm? Do I know you?”

Ares: “I’m the Black Knight, Ares. But you might know me better as the son of Eldigan.”

Seliph: “What? You’re the son of King Eldigan!?”

Ares: “That’s right! The very Eldigan that your father murdered! My mother went to her grave with that over her head! How does that make you feel!?”

Seliph: “Really… But I thought our fathers were friends. I know things ended horribly, but I don’t think our fathers ever resented each other.”

Ares: “That can’t be… How could I have grown up believing the exact opposite to be true!”

Seliph: “Ares, we need some time to work this out. Why don’t you come with us for a little while? Please consider it. Look, I hold King Eldigan in the same high regard as my father did.”

Ares: “…Well, I suppose I could tag along for a while and see where things go. But if I find out you’ve been lying to me, I will gladly take your life in place of Sigurd’s! You follow me, Seliph!?”

Seliph: “You do how you please. You just don’t understand how ecstatic our fathers would be at us meeting like this!”

(Leen with Seliph)

Leen: “Hey, Your Highness. Nice to meet you!”

Seliph: “Er… hello. Have we met?”

Leen: “Don’t think so. My name’s Leen. I’m a dancer."

Seliph: “You’re Leen, huh?”

Leen: “What s’matter? Never seen a dancer before?”

Seliph: “No, I haven’t.”

Leen: “Hehehe… You’re funny.”

(Tinny with Seliph)

Tinny: “Um… sir?”

Seliph: “Hm? Who are you?”

Tinny: “I’m Tinny, Arthur‘s younger sister.”

Seliph: “Ah, so you’re Tinny. Yeah, I heard about you.”

Tinny: “Um… I need to apologize to you.”

Seliph: “No, don’t worry about it. King Bloom is your uncle, right? You didn’t have a choice.”

Tinny: “You’ll forgive me then?”

Seliph: “Hahaha… Of course! It’s good to have you on our side.”

Tinny: “Wow, you’re very understanding. I wish I could’ve met you sooner.”

Seliph: “Tinny, I know you have family out here, and I don’t expect you to fight them, okay?”

Tinny: “Thanks…”

(Finn with Nanna)

Finn: “Nanna, how’re you holding up?”

Nanna: “I’m fine, father. You don’t need to worry about me.”

Finn: “Your strong determination reminds me more of Raquesis each passing day, Nanna.”

Nanna: “Father, if you loved mother so much, how could you have let her go all by herself!?”

Finn: “To Isaach? Nanna, I’ve asked you before not to bring that up. …That’s between your mother and I.”

Nanna: “But…”

Finn: “You’ll understand someday. Just wait till you’re a little older.”

(Finn with Lana)

Finn: “Who are you?”

Lana: “I’m Lana. You’re Finn, right?”

Finn: “You…”

Lana: “What’s the matter? Please don’t look at me like that. You’re embarrassing me!”

Finn: “Ah, forgive me. You just remind me so much of someone I once knew.”

Lana: “I do?” Finn: “Yes. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you are the spitting image of a woman I once loved.”

Lana: “I see. Were you two a couple?”

Finn: “Yes, but we got separated during the war, and I haven’t seen her since.”

Lana: “Oh, how sad… What was the woman’s name?”

Finn: “Adean… You’re the first I’ve met to parallel her beauty."

Lana: “Adean!? That’s my mother!”

(Finn with Larcei)

Finn: “Who are you?”

Larcei: “Hm? I’m Larcei.”

Finn: “This can’t be…”

Larcei: “What’s the problem? Hey, don’t look at me like that. You’re embarrassing me!”

Finn: “Ah, forgive me. You just remind me so much of someone I once knew.”

Larcei: “I do?”

Finn: “Yes. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you are the spitting image of a woman I once loved.”

Larcei: “Oh. So were you two a couple?”

Finn: “Yes, but we got separated during the war, and I haven’t seen her since.”

Larcei: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. What was her name?”

Finn: “Ayra… You’re the first I’ve met to parallel her beauty.”

Larcei: “…Ayra? You sure about that!?”