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GameFire Emblem: Thracia 776
First SeenChapter 14: Open Fire
Starting ClassBaron

“ I was never in favor of the attack on Tahra. My hesitation has led to many soldiers to their deaths. …It’s my responsibility. Laugh at me, Baldack. Laugh at this old coward.”
—Paulus talking to Baldack

Paulus is one of the generals of Freege who led the attack on Tahra. He did not agree with the Empire's assault, but nevertheless decided to attack after Rist was killed by the Liberation Army. 

In GameEdit


Starting Class
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Bld Move LS MS PC
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Skill Weapon Starting Items
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Baron 14 44 19 8 14 12 8 20 18 6 4 0 1 Great Shield FE5 Sword IconSword - B
FE5 Lance IconLance - A
FE5 Axe IconAxe - A
FE5 Bow IconBow - A
FE5 Fire IconFire - A
FE5 Thunder IconThunder - A
FE5 Wind IconWind - A
FE5 Staff IconStaff - A MasteraxeMaster Axe


Paulus is named after Friedrich Paulus, a German WWII general who tried to take Stalingrad, but failed.

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