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“Interesting. But I've little interest in following someone else's orders. ...Unless they're handed down by a man who can fight for himself.”
—Priam in Paralogue 23

Priam (パリス Parisu, Paris in the Japanese version) is a playable character from Fire Emblem Awakening, and the last SpotPass character that is able to be recruited.

He is voiced by Daisuke Ono in the Japanese version and Jamieson Price in the English version.


Priam does not appear at all during the main storyline, unlike previous characters recruited through Paralogues. He claims to be the descendant of the Radiant Hero and possesses Ragnell, making him a descendant of Ike. He likes meat-based cooking the most out of everyone in the army. His birthday is February 9.

In Paralogue 23, Chrom and the Avatar investigate rumors of a village that houses a descendant of the Radiant Hero. Knowing of the legend of this man, Chrom comes to the Garden of Giants where he encounters Priam. Chrom tries to recruit him, but Priam does not want to be won over by words, so he decides to test Chrom's fighting abilities. After the battle, Priam is impressed by Chrom's skills and joins the army. However, as they are about to depart, a soldier bids him farewell. Priam decides to challenge his men one more time before he goes. Chrom notices that members of Priam's army are comprised of numerous soldiers from different nations including Ylisse, Valm, Ferox, and even Plegia, all of whom came to Priam to test their skills and have followed him since. Chrom sees that Priam treats everyone much like he does, a comrade, and feels grateful to have a new soldier in the army like him.


See also: Priam/Supports

His supports with a female Avatar show that he seeks to become the strongest in the land as he pursues "the path of the sword." He utilizes a force called "chi" (sometimes translated as "qi") by training his mind and spirit daily, though he claims that being able to use it is difficult to do. His supports with a male Avatar show that he has a training regimen for just about everything, from utilizing chi to crafting one's own weapons to eating.

It is also shown that Priam is very fanatical about his training, and can speak for hours on end about every little thing he does and why it is important to his path of the sword in his support with the male avatar. In his C support conversation, he gives the Avatar an intense history of his first training expedition at age 11 or 12 in which he was attacked by a ferocious bear. Priam explains he owed his victory to the ambient energies of the ancient forest which provided him the strength to prevail. That experience formed a core aspect of Priam's warrior philosophy: "all strength stems from a warrior's breathing." Priam's B support involves his philosophy with weapon maintenance, believing that weapons should only be handled by their owners because their "soul" is imbued in the weapon. In the final support, Priam even has a philosophy with eating.

In GameEdit

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class
FE13 Priam Hero Map SpriteHero
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov
20 74 40 3 44 38 35 39+5 25 6
Skills Weapon Starting Items

FE13 Sword Slayer Skill IconSwordbreaker
Luna (FE13)Luna
Sol (FE13)Sol

SwordIconFE13Sword - A
AxeIconFE13Axe - B

Tomahawk FE13Tomahawk

Starting Class
FE13 Priam Hero Map SpriteHero
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov
20 80 45 4 47 41 38 42+5 26 6
Skills Weapon Starting Items

FE13 Sword Slayer Skill IconSwordbreaker
Luna (FE13)Luna
Sol (FE13)Sol

SwordIconFE13Sword - A
AxeIconFE13Axe - B

Tomahawk FE13Tomahawk

Starting Class
FE13 Priam Hero Map SpriteHero
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov
20 80 45 4 47 42 41 42+5 27 6
Skills Weapon Starting Items

FE13 Sword Slayer Skill IconSwordbreaker
Luna (FE13)Luna
Sol (FE13)Sol

SwordIconFE13Sword - A
AxeIconFE13Axe - B

Tomahawk FE13Tomahawk

Maximum Stat ModifiersEdit

Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res
+3 -2 +1 0 0 +2 -2


  • The Avatar (Can marry a Female Avatar)
  • Morgan (Only if Priam is his father)

Class SetsEdit

Class Sets
Base Classes Possible Promotions


Base ClassEdit

Priam is the descendant of Ike, and is fittingly a Hero. Curiously, he carries three skills that he normally cannot have; Lancebreaker and Swordbreaker, both of which come from the Wyvern Rider promotions, and Luna from the Great Knight class. The first two skills, paired with Axebreaker, means that Priam will be hard to hit without indirect weapons. Priam is already strong, fitting as he is the last SpotPass character recruited. His main concern is his low Resistance, though with his high stats in the others like Skill and Speed, Priam should perform just fine. If health is an issue, he has Sol in his skill bank to help replenish lost health.

Priam's base class is the Mercenary, so he can slide immediately into the Bow Knight class if Bowbreaker is desired. Priam does not start off with any Mercenary skills, so it is recommended to change to the class to give him Armsthrift and allow him to preserve the durability of forged and rare weapons.


Priam's two reclassing options are the Fighter and Myrmidon lines. All in all, Priam performs spectacularly in these physical classes. Fighter will give him Zeal to boost criticals, and Max HP +5 for some extra hit points. The Warrior promotion will give him Counter to stack damage and Rally Strength. Priam performs well as a Warrior, but is still better suited to be a Hero.

Priam as a Myrmidon is incredible, boosting his Skill and Speed to their maximum potential. Like his Fighter reclassing, Priam makes a perfectly capable Myrmidon, Swordmaster, and Assassin. Vantage can be useful if he is low on health, and with his Ragnell on hand, he should not have to worry from indirect enemy attacks. Astra is a good attack skill for him to use and is worth considering as much as Lethality, though the latter's low activation rate should be considered. Swordfaire gives Priam an incredible boost in physical strength, and Pass can be used for swarming strategies, but other skills may be more desirable.


Enemy Battle QuotesEdit

“Heh. I'm impressed. Now show me what you're made of!”
—Priam's pre-battle quote in Paralogue 23

“Heh... Y-you're good...”
—Priam's defeat quote in Paralogue 23

Event TilesEdit

  • "What's this little thing?" (item)
  • "I dispatched a few minor enemies just now—nothing worth mentioning." (exp)
  • "I managed a quick training session. None will ever surpass me now." (weapon exp)

Relationship TilesEdit

Asking - NormalEdit

  • "You look happy. Was meat in the menu today?" (happy)
  • "Have any dreams, friend?" (dreams)
  • "I wish to fight alongside you in our next battle. Do you accept?" (team up)
  • "How do you kill time, friend?" (free time)

Replying - NormalEdit

  • "A wise choice, as I will let no foe touch you. But stay close..." (team up)
  • "I hunt for food. Just say the word if you fancy bear, boar, or any other beast." (free time)
  • "Amusing, but no. I was just recalling an episode from my past." (happy)
  • "My dream is to do battle with the world's greatest fighters, even if it costs me my life." (dream)

Asking - MarriedEdit

  • "Stay close to me in battle, Avatar. I will not lose you." (promise)
  • "I treasure you, Avatar. Stay with me always." (love)
  • "What have you got there, Avatar? And what's the big secret?" (gift)
  • "I must confess, Avatar, you look more radiant today than ever." (compliment)

Replying - MarriedEdit

  • "Me? Die? I rush to victory, not defeat." (promise)
  • "Thank you. You look radiant as well." (compliment)
  • "I love you as well - more than any other." (love)
  • "It's a necklace...for you. Cheaply made, but a queen's jewels if worn by you." (gift)

Asking - ChildEdit

  • "Fight me, Morgan. You are my son, and I expect great things." (train)
  • "Are you unwell, Morgan? Warriors need rest, remember." (concern)
  • "Morgan, do you need anything? Allow me to offer what fatherly gestures I can." (gift)
  • "Morgan, I was hoping you would share some tales from the future. Anything at all." (story)

Replying - ChildEdit

  • "All right. But I hold back for no one. Son or not, you will lose." (train)
  • "Really? I feel fine. I'm sorry to worry you." (concern)
  • "Raw meat would do." (gift)
  • "Until recently, I lived in a secluded village and trained to be the world's strongest. But leaving that village changed my life, because it gave me you. It will be fun to return one day and tell my old friends of these happy developments." (story)

Level UpEdit

  • "I intend to grow strong. Stronger than anyone..." (6+ stats up)
  • "Nothing beats the feel of accomplishment." (4-5 stats up)
  • "Still not enough. Nowhere near enough." (2-3 stats up)
  • "Hmm... I'm getting soft." (0-1 stats up)
  • "I've learned all I can from this class... Next!" (0-1 stats up when most stats are capped)



  • "Will I ever find a challenger worthy?" (misc)
  • "I feel on top of the world today. Let any enemy challenge me - they will fail!" (surge)

Greetings - NormalEdit

  • "Oh, Avatar. Back from an early-morning training session?" (morning)
  • "It's good you're resting, Avatar. We have some hard battles ahead." (midday)
  • "Oh, Avatar. I'm going to get some training in before bed." (evening)
  • "I didn't know you were a night owl, Avatar." (night)
  • "Is today your birthday, Avatar? ...Happy birthday." (birthday)

Greetings - MarriedEdit

  • "Hello, Avatar. I'll see you after my morning training." (morning)
  • "Hello, Avatar. What's on the docket today?" (midday)
  • "Hello, Avatar. Did you have a productive day?" (evening)
  • "Hello, Avatar. Get some sleep. Your body needs it." (night)
  • "Is today your birthday, Avatar? ...Happy birthday." (birthday)

Class ChangeEdit

  • "A fork in the road to true strength."


  • "You're going to buy me something? Well thanks." (buying)
  • "Sell what you will. I don't care." (selling)
  • "A good weapon ages well, like friends or wine." (forging)


The descendent of a certain radiant hero. He has scoured the world in search of worthy opponents. While affable enough outside of battle, he is clearly more brawn than brains. The most insatiable meat eater. Born on February 9th.

Help DescriptionEdit

Scion of a legendary hero. He seeks only greater power.


“You give my strength purpose and meaning. I'll let the world burn before I see you hurt.”
—Priam's confession quote

Final ChapterEdit

“True champions find victory in the darkest! Show us, Avatar!”
—Priam's final chapter quote.

“Our strength in body and mind have set the world on a better course.”
—Priam's quote after Grima was defeated by Chrom

“You and I will find a way to destroy the fell dragon without felling you. Promise me, Avatar.”
—Priam reassuring the Avatar for their choice if he is her husband.

“Avatar could not have arrived at his/her decision easily. But I won't accept it. This can't be the end of his/her story...”
—Priam's quote after the Avatar's sacrifice of killing Grima

DLC Pre-BattleEdit

The Golden Gaffe Pre-BattleEdit

“I don't give a rat's tail about gold, but Risen are another story. Do you fight like your brethren back in my world, I wonder? Try to be as informative as you can while I prod at you. It'll be over quick.”
—Priam's pre-battle quote.

EXPonential Growth Pre-BattleEdit

“I can tell already you'll make me stronger. Good. I'm more than happy to take your life to better mine.”
—Priam's pre-battle quote.

Infinite Regalia Pre-BattleEdit

“Thirty-six generals, and every last one a menace. One slipup will cost me my life or perhaps more... Excellent! This is one Outrealm well worth the journey.”
—Priam's pre-battle quote.

Death's Embrace Pre-BattleEdit

“I've always believed that strength alone brings victory, but perhaps I was wrong. On a battlefield like this, to purely rely on strength would be a fatal mistake. In any case, you and yours were delt a cruel hand... I hope I can offer you rest.”
—Priam's pre-battle quote.

Five-Anna Firefight Pre-BattleEdit

“The heat here is fierce. It'll sap your strength and warp your vision... But if one could master fighting here, battling elsewhere would be a breeze. Next time I set off on a training journey, I know where to start...”
—Priam's pre-battle quote.

Roster Rescue Pre-BattleEdit

“So you're the ones responsible for taking our roster? As a new recruit, I was hoping to use it to learn more about my companions. ...Why am I wasting my breath explaining this to you? Let the fighting commence!”
—Priam's pre-battle quote.

Summer Scramble Pre-BattleEdit

“When I heard you laid siege to this land, I was prepared for an immense battle... Then I found out it was just a beach. And you were just...well, you. Let's just say I regret having prepared so thoroughly... I suppose I can only pray that you're far mightier than you appear to be.”
—Priam's pre-battle quote.

Hot-Spring Scramble Pre-BattleEdit

“These hot springs seem like a fine place for a warrior to rest and recover. But as a man who strives for strength, being here is somewhat disheartening... A moment's respite may be too long. My soul's edge must never be dulled!”
—Priam's pre-battle quote


Dual SupportEdit

  • "I'm with you."
  • "Careful."
  • "Clean this up."
  • "Here they come."
  • "Let me aid you."
  • "You're on!"
  • "Let's go!"
  • "Show me what you got!"
  • "Don't you die on me."
  • "They look strong."

Dual GuardEdit

  • "Vigilance, always!"
  • "Not today!"

Dual StrikeEdit

  • "And from me!"
  • "Forget someone?"
  • "Over here!"
  • "Too slow!"


  • "This is the end!"
  • "Rest in peace!"
  • "The strong survive!"
  • "For the blue flame!"

Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "Hmph!"
  • "Heh..."
  • "That's it?"
  • "Unsurprising..."
  • "What a waste."

Partner Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "Appreciate it."
  • "Not bad."
  • "Let's go!"
  • "My thanks."

Being HealedEdit

  • "Let's go!"


“This is the end...for me...Keep going, Chrom... Don't...give...up...”
—Priam's death quote (classic mode)

“Looks like...this is all I'm good for... Forgive me, my friends, but I'm leaving...”
—Priam's retreat quote (casual mode)

Possible EndingsEdit

Priam - Radiant Hero
Priam vanished like a breath on the wind. Did his pursuit of true power lead him to a quiet corner of the map? Or did he move to another continent—one where the Radiant Hero's legend held more meaning?
Priam and the Avatar
Many wrote of Avatar's legendary exploits, but accounts of her origins and character varied. Scholars, poets, and bards agreed on one thing alone—she loved her husband, Priam, above all else.

Non-Canon AppearancesEdit

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)Edit

Priam is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:


Priam is the King of Troy in Homer's 'The Iliad' possibly referring to King Priam's battle hungry attitude compared to Fire Emblem's Priam and how he loves to fight in battle. Paris, which is Priam in the Japanese version, was the name of Priam from the 'Iliad's son, who was the extremely selfish, cowardly prince of Troy who is brother of Hector and husband to Helen, who he stole from Menelaus, Prince of Greece, and married Helen.


  • Priam's name being Paris in the Japanese version of the game, and his claiming to be Ike's descendant, is a reference to the fact that Ike was originally planned to be named "Paris" in the early stages of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.
  • Despite being a male unit, Priam's sprite on the map uses the female Hero sprite as a base (noticable from the position of the sprite's shield)
  • Priam shares his Japanese voice actor, Daisuke Ono, with Frederick and Kaze.
  • Despite his being Ike's descendant, Priam does not have access to the Aether Skill, due to it being exclusive to the Great Lord class, Chrom's potential daughters, and the SpotPass and DLC versions of Ike himself. However, Priam does have the Skills that make up Aether, Sol and Luna.
  • Three of Priam's skills - Luna, Swordbreaker, and Lancebreaker - are skills that can only be acquired by Great Knights, Wyvern Lords, and Griffon Riders, none of which Priam has access to.
  • Priam's official artwork depicts him wielding Ragnell.
  • During his Paralogue, as an enemy unit, Priam wields a Ragnell with infinite durability. However, after recruiting him, he comes with a Ragnell with the in-game standard durability of 25, most likely for game balancing reasons.
  • Priam's ingame 3D hero model is the only one in the game to have polished armor that shines "radiantly" (as per his title).
  • One of Priam's critical/skill activation quotes - "For the Blue Flame." - is a reference to the Japanese title of Path of Radiance: Fire Emblem: Path of the Blue Flame.
  • During his Paralogue, after his army has been defeated by Chrom's Shepherds, Chrom will notice that there are Ylisse's Pegasus Knights and Plegian Wyvern Riders. Despite this, they nor their promoted variants appear when fighting his army.


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