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The Pursuit Ring (追撃リング Tsuigeki ringu) is a ring item that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Like its name suggests, this ring bestows the Pursuit skill upon its wearer, an effect that can only come into play when it is placed into the inventory of any given character. that gives its user the Pursuit skill.


The only Pursuit Ring existing in the game can only be uncovered in Chapter 2, and is located by Arden. When Arden is moved to a specific tile over a coastline in the western reaches of the battlefield, this will trigger a secret event that sees him lamenting over the fact that he is constantly teased in spite of his unrelenting efforts to strengthen himself. As he expresses envy over Alec's ability to perform multiple attacks, he will stumble upon the Pursuit Ring. Upon slipping on the ring, a rush of energy surges through his body, as the dormant power of the Pursuit skill confined within it is invoked and released.

Item InformationEdit

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Pursuit ring Pursuit Ring - 40,000 Bestows the Pursuit skill onto its wearer.

Item LocationEdit

Method Location
Event Generation 1: Ch. 2 - Have Arden wait on a spot located over a coastline located in the western reaches of the map. Ensure that he does not have a lover by the time this is performed.


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