Quixotic (傾奇者 Kabukimono in the Japanese version) is a Skill in Fire Emblem Fates.


When the user is in battle, this skill increases both the Hit Rate by 30 and Skill activation rate by 15 for both the user and the enemy. Learned by Basaras at level 15 or higher.

Quixotic is a risk-reward type of skill. The hit bonuses and skill activation rates increase for both the user and the enemy they are battling with. It is a decent skill for units that need an accuracy boost or increased activation rate due to low skill.

While it helps the user, the enemy also benefits from its effects which can result in an unnecessary death if the user is not protected. However, if the user is well protected and is given powerful skills like Lethality, it greatly increases the chances of it activating and performing more instant kills.

Quixotic can stack with the effects of Hoshidan Unity, which results in a 25% increase in skill activation rate.

Applicable SkillsEdit


The Kabukimono were either ronin or men who worked for samurai families who formed gangs during times of peace. They tended to wear flamboyant colors and wore uncommon clothing, including clothes for women.

The English name, Quixotic, is defined as having impractical and idealistic goals. It suggests that perhaps the user of this skill engages in a very risky combat style in a similar manner as the skill Life and Death.

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