FE Heroes Screenshot 4

A screenshot of heroes sorted by Rarity.

Rarity is an indicator assigned to each hero in Fire Emblem Heroes which determines their starting stats and unlockable skills. Each hero has a range of rarities from 1✯ to 5✯. Heroes obtained through summoning method have a range of rarities from 3✯ to 5✯.

Unlock PotentialEdit

Rarities lower than 5✯ can be increased by the Unlock Potential option available in game. A unit must reach a minimum of Level 20 to Unlock Potential. The player then expends a set amount of Hero Feathers and either Badges or Great Badges to increase the unit's rarity. If the Unit has merged with a Unit of the same rarity, thus having a bonus level, the maximum required Feathers to upgrade drops a slight amount. Upon raising their rarity, the unit resets to Level 1 and has all of their stats reset to its base. Only SP and Acquired skills do not reset upon raising their rarity.

Increase Required materials
1✯ → 2✯ 5 Badges that match the Hero's attribute color
20 Hero Feathers
2✯ → 3✯ 10 Badges that match the Hero's attribute color
200 Hero Feathers
3✯ → 4✯ 20 Badges that match the Hero's attribute color
2,000 Hero Feathers
4✯ → 5✯ 20 Great Badges that match the Hero's attribute color
20,000 Hero Feathers

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