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With LynEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Lyn: Rath!
  • Rath: Ah...Lyn.
  • Lyn: Thank you, Rath. You've saved me again.
  • Rath: I need no thanks from a fellow plainsdweller.
  • Lyn: Actually... There's something that I've always wanted to ask you.
  • Rath: What's that?
  • Lyn: Are all Kutolah men quiet? My father and the other Lorca men didn't talk much, but they were gossiping magpies compared to you.
  • Rath: ... ...
  • Lyn: And you never smile, either. Why? Are...Are you mad because I dragged you here...into this? ...Are you angry with me? Because if you are...
  • Rath: I'm not angry.
  • Lyn: But you don't talk?
  • Rath: There's no need.
  • Lyn: ... ...Oh.

B SupportEdit

  • Lyn: ... ...
  • Rath: What's wrong, Lyn?
  • Lyn: What? Oh, nothing...
  • Rath: The battlefield is no place for daydreaming. ... ...You'll get killed.
  • Lyn: I, um, yes. I'm sorry.
  • Rath: ... ...
  • Lyn: I was thinking of my grandfather... He was still...asleep... when I left Caelin. Just when it seemed he was getting better... Why... Why must these things happen to me? ...I don't want to lose him. Not...another one.
  • Rath: ... ...
  • Lyn: Well. Enough of dark thoughts! Why...Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself, Rath? The Kutolah tribe is quite large, is it not? Is it true that you have no enemies, for all fear your leader, the Silver Wolf?
  • Rath: Can't say.
  • Lyn: Pardon?
  • Rath: I left Kutolah before I was old enough to understand such things. For fifteen years now, I've traveled by myself.
  • Lyn: Why leave your tribe?
  • Rath: ... ...

A SupportEdit

  • Lyn: Rath... Tell me the rest of your story, please. Why did you have to leave the tribe?
  • Rath: ...The tribe diviner saw a bad omen in the stars. As...the chieftain's son, I had to leave to prevent disaster.
  • Lyn: What disaster?
  • Rath: Can't say. ...But the diviner did tell me I would know when the time came. He said I was born into this land to stop the burning... A dark flame, consuming all.
  • Lyn: ... ...
  • Rath: At the time I was less than four, without even the means to survive. I wandered, not knowing right from left, ...The people of other tribes laughed and ridiculed me.
  • Lyn: ... ...
  • Rath: I do not feel the loneliness now as I did then... but sometimes, I remember. I have never felt so alone.
  • Lyn: I see... That makes sense. When I first met you, I felt like we had something in common... Maybe it was because we shared the experience of being alone.
  • Rath: ... ...
  • Lyn: ... ...
  • Rath: Lyn...
  • Lyn: Yes?
  • Rath: You sure it's all right for you to be here? The battle's not over.
  • Lyn: You're right... But... I don't feel I can leave you.
  • Rath: ... ...
  • Lyn: When I'm with you, I feel safe. I can sense your... strength.
  • Rath: Lyn...
  • Lyn: Please, Rath. Let me stay here, just for a while.
  • Rath: ...Fine. As you wish.

With WilEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Wil: Rath! Hey! It's been a while! You disappeared the second we all got to Castle Caelin! We worried about you!
  • Rath: ......
  • Wil: I ended up enlisting with Caelin. I'm still just a squire, but... still, I've come a long way! Oh, now that I think of it, did you hear that the soldiers of Laus attacked the castle? It was rough! They even took Lord Hausen!
  • Rath: ...I know. I heard...from Lyn.
  • Wil: So you met Lady Lyndis? Of course! That's why you're here! Hahaha... I'm such an idiot... So...what have you been up to since then?
  • Rath: ......Same as before. Fighting as a mercenary, biding my time...
  • Wil: Huh? Biding your time? What is that supposed to mean?
  • Rath: ......
  • Wil: I-I'm sorry! I just asked without thinking!
  • Rath: It's all right...
  • Wil: Say... Since we found each other and all... How about fighting together? Come on! We make a good team! What do you say?
  • Rath: Yeah...sure.
  • Wil: All right! This is going to be great! Hey, I'll go see Merlinus and stock up on arrows! I'll bring some for you, too! Just wait right here!
  • Rath: ......

B SupportEdit

  • Wil: So, the archers of Sacae, they're all mounted, aren't they? I'd have trouble just staying on... If I had to shoot, too, I'd be in trouble!
  • Rath: ...The beasts of Sacae are swift... If we could not shoot from the saddle, we would starve...
  • Wil: Hmm... I guess so. I just grew up in such a quiet little town... Our traps were always full, and we never wanted for rabbit.
  • Rath: ......
  • Wil: That's why I'm not so swift on the field. I can shoot pretty well, of course, but before I know it, the enemy's behind me... I hate to think on it! That's why it's so good to have a partner! I mean, you're amazing! You can shoot from far away, and you always know the enemy's numbers and positions...
  • Rath: ......
  • Wil: I tell you, I may not be the best archer... But I want to get better... so I can help Lady Lyndis... If I could just be half as good as you...
  • Rath: You are... strange.
  • Wil: Huh?
  • Rath: You are so quick to doubt yourself... You show others your weakness... Are you not afraid?
  • Wil: Afraid...? No, of course not! I mean, we're not strangers! We're friends, right? Allies?
  • Rath: ......
  • Wil: Right?
  • Rath: ...... ...Yes, we are. But... Wil... You are still... strange.
  • Wil: Huh? W-Why? Nonsense. I'm normal! I might as well be Normal Archer number three!
  • Rath: ...Number three? Why three?
  • Wil: Well... No reason, I guess. It just seemed...pretty normal.
  • Rath: ......
  • Wil: Rath? Hey, wait up!

A SupportEdit

  • Rath: ...Don't hold your reins... Loosen your knees...
  • Wil: Whoa! Like...this?
  • Rath: Yes. Now slide forward, just like that.
  • Wil: Huh? Forward? How do I go...forward? Whaa!
  • Rath: Wil!
  • Wil: I-I'm fine. Owww...
  • Rath: You might be injured... Do you want to stop?
  • Wil: Hm? Why? No, no, I'm fine.
  • Rath: But...perhaps training on the battlefield is not a good idea...
  • Wil: But what choice have I got? We fight every day! Where else can I train but the battlefield? Oh! Wait... Are you trying to back out of this training exercise? Not a chance. You owe me for laughing at me before!
  • Rath: ...Before? ......Number...three...... ... ......
  • Wil: See!! You're doing it again!! I can't believe it!! You never laugh, but that whole "three" thing just slays you every time! Why!! Why!!
  • Rath: I'm sorry... ...I will teach you to ride. Forgive me.
  • Wil: Yeah, yeah, it's fine... just keep teaching me until I can ride, got it? Seriously! I mean it!
  • Rath: Yes, I understand.
  • Wil: You promised.
  • Rath: ...I swear on the honor of my tribe..
  • Wil: Now, you don't have to go make that big a deal out of it...
  • Rath: No...I swear by Mother Earth and Father Sky... have taught me something important as well.

With GuyEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Guy: Where... is this place? I’m lost out here! What’ll I do if I can’t find the rest of the troop? Ah, but I’m hungry!
  • Rath: ...
  • Guy: Wah! Say, you look like you come from Sacae...
  • Rath: ... What’s your name?
  • Guy: Warrior Guy, of the Kutolah tribe!
  • Rath: The Kutolah?
  • Guy: Yes! One of the three tribes of Sacae! Led by the Silver Wolf, Lord Dayan himself!
  • Rath: ...I’m Rath.
  • Guy: Rath? Say, aren’t Kutolah, too, are you?
  • Rath: ...
  • Guy: Our chieftain had a son named Rath, you see. He left the tribe when I was young, so I don’t know what he looks like...
  • Rath: ...Come.
  • Guy: Eh?
  • Rath: You’re lost, aren’t you? ...Follow me.
  • Guy: You’ll help me? Really? For free?
  • Rath: How could I leave a fellow tribesman?
  • Guy: T-That’s very kind of you. Y-You’re very, very nice! It makes me proud to be a man of Sacae! Say, Rath, I won’t forget this!
  • Rath: ...

B SupportEdit

  • Guy: Hiya, Rath.
  • Rath: ...
  • Guy: Rath? Rath!?
  • Rath: ...I’m listening. What do you want?
  • Guy: Is Lady Lyn a Sacaen, too? I kind of got that feeling from the clothes she wears... And she kind of walks like us, wouldn’t you say?
  • Rath: Aye, she’s from Sacae. She’s the daughter of the Lorca chieftain.
  • Guy: The Lorca? Never heard of them. But what’s she doing with those Lycian lords?
  • Rath: ...
  • Guy: C’mon. You were traveling with her a year ago, weren’t you? Didn’t you hear anything?
  • Rath: ...Lyn is of our people. No matter what she chooses to do, that fact would not change.
  • Guy: ...Yes. Yes, you’re right. A Sacae warrior proudly defends his own.
  • Rath: You...
  • Guy: Yes?
  • Rath: Why did you leave the tribe?
  • Guy: To become a great soldier of Sacae! I was never good with the bow, and, frankly, I’m terrible at hunting... But the chieftain told me I had a good sword arm.
  • Rath: ...
  • Guy: So I’m traveling and training to grow stronger! I must defend my tribe, and my mother as best I can.
  • Rath: I...see.

A SupportEdit

  • Guy: Rath! Hey, Rath! I know you’re there!
  • Rath: ...What is it?
  • Guy: Ah, you were there! What you said—it was true! That stuff about sticking by your tribesmen. You’ve saved me before when I was in trouble, right?
  • Rath: If you’ve no business with me, I’m leaving.
  • Guy: W-Wait up! Let me fight with you, please?
  • Rath: ...
  • Guy: I have to repay my debt... And I also have a duty to my fellow tribesman!
  • Rath: ...
  • Guy: I’m a warrior of Sacae! I can defend you! Really!
  • Rath: ...I suppose you are a warrior. Fine. Let it be so.
  • Guy: Right! You just wait, Rath. I’ll show you my worth as a true warrior of Sacae!
  • Rath: ...We’re leaving. Try to keep up.
  • Guy: Ack! W-Wait! Hold on! I’m more of a walker, really... maybe you could slow down a-- Rath! Wait for me!

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