Presentation of Rausten in the prologue

Rausten (ロストン聖教国, Rosuton Seikyōkoku lit. Sacred Country of Roston in the Japanese version) is a nation on the continent of Magvel, which appears in the game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. It is located in the north-east, north of its sister nation of Jehanna. The theocracy of Rausten is ruled by Mansel, the Divine Emperor. His heir is his niece L'Arachel, the troubadour.

Rausten is the only nation not to lose its Sacred Stone, which is used to defeat the Demon King and bring lasting peace to Magvel. Its stone was then moved to Renais. Its legendary sacred twin weapons are Ivaldi, an S rank light tome, and Latona, the S rank staff.

According to L'Arachel, the saintly Latona, Rausten's founder, was the only person known to have been able to resist being possessed by the Demon King.


Rausten is covered in dense forest and mountains. One of the tallest mountain in Rausten is called Mount Mimir, which is mentioned in L'Arachel's supports with Innes. Neleras Peak is a volcano in Rausten territory that the party passes through en route to Rausten Court. In the northern end of Rausten is Melkaen Coast, which connects to Carcino.

Characters from RaustenEdit

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