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The Ravens inhabit the island of Kilvas, led by their king, Naesala. It is, however, revealed in a conversation between Naesala and Tibarn that the two tribes used to be like brothers and lived together in Phoenicis. As their name suggests, the raven tribe appear to be humans with great, black wings, graced with the ability to morph into ravens. The tribe is conniving and manipulative by nature, doing what is in their best interest at the time, and has spurred up an immense rivalry with the other laguz tribes, namely the Hawk Laguz of Phoenicis. Despite their finicky nature, they have sworn to protect the Princess Leanne of the Heron Clan. Their mastery skill is Tear, which triples strength. In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, their occult skill is Vortex, which attacks with Wind magic. In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, they can use a Satori Sign at level 30 or higher to learn the skill Tear. A Raven is fast and skilled, but not strong (with the exception of Naesala, who has Great Beak). Their weaknesses are Wind Magic and Bows. Even though they usually attack twice, they usually can't finish of an enemy, but they can if the enemy's HP is low enough, or if they use Tear. Ravens are good for finishing off enemies and for avoiding attacks. Compared to hawks, ravens have more speed, resistance, and magic, but they have less strength, skill, and defense.

Before the events of Path of Radiance, the old king of Kilvas, before Naesala, made a blood contract with the Begnion Senate; more specifically, Lekain. The blood contract is what forced Naesala to betray the Laguz Alliance, because the blood contract from the old king was passed on to Naesala when he became king. The blood contract was destroyed either by Naesala (if you chose to bring him to the final chapter) or Sanaki (who does not destroy it, but holds on to it to give it to Naesala). It is unknown how Lekain tricked the king into the blood contract.

Maximum StatsEdit

Path of RadianceEdit

* Bonus when transformed

Radiant DawnEdit

Based on their transformed states, when transformed all stats but HP and Luck Double



Prominent MembersEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Henry makes a reference to raven laguz in one of his action tile quotes.


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