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A Reeking Box (Scented Box in the Japanese version) is an item in Fire Emblem: Awakening which summons Risen onto the world map. They appear on the same location that the player is currently standing on. The item cannot be used when a merchant is present on the location the player is on, possibly to avoid the player attempting to earn extra rewards from a protected merchant during skirmish battles. It cannot be used on the location the player is on if there is another group, a merchant or a travelling party there. The item works similarly to a Rift Door, although instead of summoning a merchant, it summons Risen. It can be used on any location that is already cleared and only allows for the same number of units as the original playthrough.

The Risen that appear when summoned by a box is determined by the following:

  • Difficulty the player has chosen; when playing on Normal and Hard, the spawns are affected by location. On Lunatic and Lunatic+, this is disabled and any Risen can spawn regardless of location.
  • Location of the area; this determines overall Risen strength and numbers.

The amount of Risen depend on the location, with 6-10 on small maps, 8-13 on moderate maps, 12-19 on large maps, and 16-24 on DLC maps.

In every skirmish, players always get a small Bullion. The number of Bullion in each map depend on the location the box was used in, so fighting a skirmish in Mount Prism will give more than a skirmish in The Longfort. After specific locations (which vary on difficulty), Risen commanders carry a forged and regular version of that weapon (so in any SpotPass chapters on Hard, Risen commanders carry a +8 MT and +20 Hit and regular version of the weapon, excluding thief and barbarian promotions, which only carry a forged weapon and side item). The side item is always collected when the commander is defeated.

However, if the enemy commander is a Thief, Barbarian, Trickster, Assassin, Berserker or Warriors, they will get one of these items instead:

  • Any boosting item (Energy Drop, Spirit Dust, Secret Book, Speedwing, Goddess Icon, Dracoshield, Talisman or Arms Scroll)
  • Rank A physical weapon (Brave Sword, Brave Axe, Brave Lance, Brave Bow)
  • Rank B magical weapon (Bolganone, Thoron, Rexcalibur)
  • Promotion items (Master Seal, Second Seal)
  • Rank A staves (Fortify)

On Normal Mode, Boxes guarantee a profit of 500 gold per instance. On Hard and higher, they will most likely result in a loss unless the player has completed Infinite Regalia and obtained the Silver Card, which reduces the box's price to 2400 Gold.


Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Reeking BoxReeking Box 1 500* Summons Risen to the world map (costs 4,800G on Hard Mode and above)

*Sells for 1/4 of its worth instead of 1/2.

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