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A Reeking Box (Scented Box in the Japanese version) is an item in Fire Emblem: Awakening which summons Risen onto the world map. They appear on the same location that the player is currently standing on. The item cannot be used when a merchant is present on the location the player is on, possibly to avoid the player attempting to earn extra rewards from a protected merchant during skirmish battles. It cannot be used on the location the player is on also if there is another Risen there. The item works similarly to a Rift Door, although instead of summoning a merchant, it summons Risen. It can be used on any location that is already cleared and only allows for the same number of units as the original playthrough.

The difficulty of the Risen will also be affected by where the player used it. In areas that the player faces promoted units (this does not include Thieves in those fights), players will only face promoted Risen, and vice-versa for unpromoted units. Starting from Chapter 12, players will always get a promoted Risen boss, with a slew of other units. The Risen that pops up on the map also affects the units that will be fought, mainly those that their unpromoted variant can promote to, depending on location. For example, getting a Griffon Rider skirmish results in the enemy's forces mainly comprising of Griffon Riders and Wyvern Lords. The amount of Risen in each fight usually has 12-18 units.

Reeking Boxes in Normal Mode always provide profit, as in every skirmish players will always gain the Risen commander's weapon (or other items for different classes, e.g a Thief, which would provide the player with other items such as a Second Seal instead). Along with that, players will always get small Bullion from a skirmish, with the number increasing depending on the location it was used in.

Risen that come from Reeking Boxes can disappear, but sometimes it is possible for a regular Risen group to join forces with the group that came via box. If this happens, when all the Risen in that skirmish are defeated the player will receive a random item (Brave Weaponry, stat boosting items, etc.) and 3000 gold. A Merchant may also appear in a place where a group of Risen were attracted by a Reeking Box; if the Merchant survives the battle the player will be given a reward and the merchant will set up her wares after the skirmish. Although the Merchant has a high combat level, her stats are similar to that of an Entombed, meaning that she can be killed quite easily.


Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Reeking BoxReeking Box 1 500* Summons Risen to the world map (costs 4,800G on Hard Mode and above)

*Sells for 1/4 of its worth instead of 1/2.

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