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Reeve is a location from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is one of the four most prominent kingdoms on the continent of Lieberia. It is situated to the south of Canaan and to the east of Salia. It was formed over one thousand years prior to the game's events by a small group of immigrants from the eastern continent of Jugd who crossed over the Reeve River. The settlers established four dukedoms (Granada, Zemseria, Razelia, and Nolzeria) which were later united as the Republic of Reeve.

Fearing the growing power of these outsiders, the native Zoans launched an attack on Reeve, which began a war. Within five years, Reeve's official Denoas subdued the attack. After Kalbazan drank the blood of Miradona and became the Dark Dragon Gerxel, the hero Garlon rose up against the Zoa Empire and defeated Kalbazan with the aid of the heroine Utna. Afterwards, Garlon and Utna became the new rulers of Reeve. Years prior to the beginning of the storyline, Reeve is invaded by the reborn Zoa Empire and collapses after the Tragedy of Nolzeria.

The only surviving direct member of Reeve's royal family is Princess Maeve, the Shaman of Water. The queen of Reeve died of grief after Maeve was kidnapped by Naris to be used for his own political ambitions. The son of Duke Dolmu of Zemseria, Rentzen, is also related to the royal family through his mother.

Notable Characters from ReeveEdit

  • Enteh - Princess Maeve of Reeve.
  • Rishel - The son of Naris and Rose.
  • Meriah - The younger sister of Rishel.
  • Naris - The court mage who imprisoned Maeve within the Temple of Water.

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