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Presentation of Renais in the prologue

Renais (ルネス Runesu) is a kingdom in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. It is centrally located on the continent of Magvel, with Frelia to the north-west and Grado to its south. The kingdom of Renais was ruled by Fado, the peerless Warrior King. It enjoyed a long-standing treaty with its southern neighbor Grado until the year 803, when Grado, under the command of Emperor Vigarde, resurrected as a puppet by Prince Lyon, who was under influence of the Dark Stone and the Demon King Fomortiis, invaded Renais and killed King Fado. It is the home of the twin lords Ephraim and Eirika and houses the Sacred Twin weapons Sieglinde, the Storm Sword and Siegmund, the Fire Lance. The Sacred Stone of Renais was the fourth and last of the Sacred Stones to be shattered. It was sealed under Castle Renais, by a powerful magic lock. Its original rulers saw it prudent to seal the stone away, as a precaution.

According to the character roll at the conclusion of the game, Renais is currently ruled by Ephraim and Eirika.

Characters from RenaisEdit


'Renais' is probably a derivation of the word 'renaissance,' meaning 'rebirth.' It is fitting that Eirika and Ephraim are called the 'Restoration Monarchs,' as 'restoration' could be considered a synonym for 'renaissance.'

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