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“The Crimean royal palace, located in the center of Melior, is famed for its beautiful gardens where the world seems at peace. But times have changed. Countless battles have raged in these idyllic confines, and a new dark lord now sits upon the throne. The palace itself has not suffered-- it remains a study in dignity and elegance. Yet there is no peace on this day. A grim tension fills the air, engulfing all it touches in deafening silence. Within the heart of the palace sits the author of this war: Ashnard, king of Daein. Ike, supreme commander of the Crimean army, and Elincia, princess of Crimea, have completed their battle preparations. Now, they spend a tense morning waiting for the decisive battle that will conclude their yearlong odyssey. They wait for the beginning of the end.”
—Opening Narration

Repatriation is the Endgame of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. The boss of the chapter is the "Mad King" Ashnard. The chapter takes place in the Crimean castle courtyard in which the player battles Daein's remaining soldiers and the final of the Four Riders, Bryce. In Easy and Normal Mode there are 50 enemies. In Hard mode there are 40 enemies and 4 Paladins and a Bishop that appear around Turn 10. In all three modes the goal of the chapter is to defeat the boss, Ashnard, but in Hard Mode he must be defeated twice. The player can select 14 units for this battle, but must include Ike and either Nasir or Ena, depending on which previous conditions were met. The player also can select one high-level laguz, either Tibarn, Naesala or Giffca, on the second-turn in Easy or Normal Mode, or after Ashnard touches Lehran's Medallion and goes insane in Hard Mode.

  • Physic staves can now be bought in the shop

Base ConversationsEdit

Name Value Requirement Obtain
Friend * Nasir recruited and is alive -
Friend * Reyson, Janaff and Ulki all recruited and are alive -
Friend * Ranulf, Lethe and Mordecai are all alive -


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

In all modes, 20/20 Ike is extremely useful. He can hold his own against most enemies easily, and heal if you gave him Aether.

Easy/Normal ModesEdit

The enemies are in 3 groups in these modes (Left, Right, and Center). You can call Tibarn, Naesala, or Giffca on the second turn and whoever you chose will appear on the next turn. Ike and your king should be the front line of your party, and can probably take the center on their own. Split up your other allies amongst the two sides, and try to plow through the enemies. You should engage Ike with Bryce, who shouldn't cause him too much trouble. Ashnard won't move, and Ike plus the Laguz king and dragon (the only people who can hurt him) should finish him quickly with some healing.

Hard ModeEdit

Once again the foes are in the same 3 groups, but the same strategy doesn't work. Ike can hold most of the middle group on his own, but you don't yet gain the Laguz King. What I did was move all of my people to attack the left group, then after they were down had them all attack the right group, led by Nasir who had transformed. I found Tanith's reinforcements very useful for stalling the right side while I took out the left. Bryce and the feral dragons are the only ones who can deal significant damage to Ike, so make sure they don't all attack him at once. In hard mode, Ashnard moves if you enter his range, so don't until you beat Bryce, and at least one dragon. In some ways, the paladins who come in are actually helpful, as Ike can use Aether to heal on them. With constant long range healing from both Mist and Elincia, Ashnard can be taken out, so long as you kill the bishop so he doesn't heal Ashnard. After he's defeated, he goes berserk, giving him boosts to HP, strength, skill, and speed (though not enough to double Ike if he has capped Speed). However, this battle is actually easier than defeating the first Ashnard, as you get a Laguz King to help you. The easiest way to kill him is to use Giffca, as he can do the most damage and take the least per hit. Just use the same strategy, and make sure Ike (and preferably the Laguz King) doesn't die.

Another strategy to use against Ashnard is to give Ike the skills Wrath and Resolve, making him the most overpowered unit in the game. With this combination it is possible, but also a little risky since your hp has to be less than 50%, to defeat Ashnard in one turn, even when Ashnard is berserk. (With Resolve and supports, Ike can have a very good chance to dodge Ashnard, so it is actually not that risky. The harder part is bringing his hp down to 50% in the first place!)

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