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Replicate (写し身人形 Utsushimi ningyō, Copycat Puppet in the Japanese version) is a Skill in Fire Emblem Fates. The Replicate skill is similar to the Summon command from The Sacred Stones.

It is learned by Mechanists at level 15 or higher.


Name Activation Capacity
Copycat PuppetReplicate - -
Effect(s) Grants use of Replicate command. Use once per battle to create a replica.
Notes Class skill of the Mechanist class; learned at Level 15 and higher.


The Replicate skill allows its owner to use the "Replicate" command to spawn a replica of themselves for combat purposes. When replicating, the player can select a spot adjacent to the user to spawn the copy. After being used, both the user and puppet will be unable to perform any actions until the next turn begins. The user can only create one replica per battle, though every character can create their own replica as long as they have the skill on them. However, only 10 characters at maximum can replicate themselves. Afterwards, any other character with the skill cannot use it for that battle.

A replica shares everything that the original has, including skills, current stats, current class, and inventory. Support bonuses and effects imposed by Azura's Songs are not carried over. Effects sustained from consumable items and Staves are shared; to illustrate with an example, if a replica uses a Staff, the original character also loses one staff use. Equipped weapons are shared between the original and replica. Changing the equipped weapon on a clone will change the equipped weapon on the original as well and vice versa. Though the replica is treated as a separate unit from the original, it shares its HP with the original, and the death of the replica also counts as the death of the original. Any Level EXP or Weapon EXP gained by the replica is transferred to the original. however, the replica cannot build support points.

Replicas are not affected by bonus damage from the Golembane skill. They still will, however, take bonus damage from other sources if it is applicable.


Some Skills can be used in conjunction with the Replicate skill to great effect. For example, Saizo's ability Pyrotechnics is phenomenal at softening up a great number of foes in one large burst of damage, but it also damages Saizo as well. If a replication of him is made beforehand, it can use a healing item (such as a Concoction) to counteract this damage, or also push in to fight and cause a second burst of damage. In Casual Mode, this transforms Saizo into a frighteningly capable suicide character. As per each path to becoming a Mechanist, the skills Poison Strike (from the Ninja path) and Potent Potion/Quick Salve (from the Apothecary path) play well into usage of the Replicate skill, allowing for extra damage output or a maximised usage of perishable items.

Replicate can also be used with the Renewal skill, permitting both the clone and the main body to replenish a total of 60% HP at the start of every Player Phase. The skill can also be effectively used for support combinations; when used in combination with Amaterasu, both the original and the copy can replenish the HP of every surrounding ally unit by 60% at the start of every Player Phase.

Replicate can also be used to form offensive combinations, such as when it is utilised by units armed with both Lethality and Quixotic, allowing them to trigger instant-kills more frequently.

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