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“With all due respect but MY father was the Grand Duke of Sofia. The Emperor murdered him and is thus my enemy. Why would I hesitate to kill him?”
—Reshe, in a conversation with Barker and Julius

Reshe (レシエ Reshe) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. While she is a princess of Canaan by birth, she was raised by the ruling family of the Dukedom of Sofia. She is the daughter of King Bahanuke and the younger sister of Arless, Barker, and Julius, as well as the aunt of Sennet, Neyfa, and Estofarne.


Reshe is the daughter of Bahanuke's former consort. After her mother was murdered by Karla, Reshe told Bahanuke about it, but he refused to believe her and dismissed it as a child's tale. It is stated that Arless often quarreled with Bahanuke to defend her. After her adoptive father was slain by Bahanuke, she joined the Arial Mercenaries under Sennet and began to fight against the revived Zoa Empire.

She is first seen when the Arial Mercenaries and the Leda Alliance Army come to the aid of Holmes during Map 21. In her first scene, she offers to act as the vanguard of the army and asks Verna if she agrees to assist her. Once Verna agrees without a second thought, Reshe orders Silva to act as a guardian for Neyfa. She does not appear again until when she meets Barker and Julius at the end of Map 33. In this scene, Reshe conspires with them to kill their father in order to end the war. When Julius points out her lack of hesitation in regards to killing Bahanuke, she declares that she considers the duke of Sofia to be her true father instead. She later appears in Map 36 when the Arial Mercenaries meet with Runan and introduces herself to him.

In GameEdit


Starting Class Group
Dragon Knight TS group flying Flying
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv Mov
27 43 15 4 16 18 14 14 16 7
Skills Weapon Starting Items

TS ContinueContinue

TS LanceLance

Leda Lance Icon☆Leda Lance
Magic ShieldMagic Shield

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