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Chapter InformationEdit

Reunion is Chapter 16x of Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. This chapter is reached if the player beats Chapter 16 in 18 turns or less on Normal Mode (21 on Hard, 25 on Maniac, 28 on Lunatic). Alternatively, the player can fill the requirements by having the Avatar be promoted and be Level 5 or over.


To recruit Katarina, you have to talk to her with the Avatar three times. Beware, she WILL attack anyone.

If the Avatar has high enough resistance, it is recommended you unequip him/her while adjacent to Katarina, so as not to unintentionally kill her.

Strategy Edit

It is worth noting that the Avatar must be fielded for this chapter, so you have 5 units to pick from. Having a unit with B-rank staves (or higher), and Phina will allow you to recruit Katarina turn 1, as long as your units are properly placed, and Phina is given the Boots, although, should you like to save the Boots for another unit, bringing 2 units with B-rank staves (or higher) is highly advised.

There are very few enemies on this map, but you have to be careful if recruiting Katarina early that she does not die to either your units via counter-attacks, or the enemies on any mode except easy, as most enemies on this map double attack Katarina, which could cause her to die very easily, especially if her Nosferatu tome misses. Clearing out the enemy Berserker in the center, as well as the Swordmaster 1 space to the right of Katarina should be made a priority, as that area can be used to safeguard some of your weaker units, while your other units deal with the few Snipers remaining. You could also consider Warping the Avatar behind Katarina, so that they can take 3 enemies out and recruit Katarina turn 1, if the Again staff is used.

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